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Tuesday, Apr 23 2013

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It has been WAY too long. Life keeps getting crazier and crazier. Here is my recap:

1. Half marathon - Did not go well at all. It was my worst race ever. The biggest thing that got me was the heat and humidity. I had trained all winter in below 35 degree weather. A couple days before the race the humidity went crazy high and the temp was in the 70s. It takes me a while to get used to running in the hot weather and I definately cannot do half marathon race pace in it ( ot now anyway). I also started catching a cold a week before and took a of of meds to try and fend it off......Anyway, at mile 4 I knew it was not going to happen. I was struggling to keep race pace and I just knew I could not keep it up. I decided to no kill myself and just walk run the rest of the race. I ended up finishing in 2:37. The best thing for me is I was totally OK with it. Being a apart of this training team has really help me keep perspective that even though I haven't reach my goal yet, I am still accomplishing things and am not failing. There are many runners who are much faster than me that have had to try 2-5 times to acheive their goal time. I know I will do this someday.

I am happy now that I am at maintenance running right now.

This summer will consist of 2 - 5Ks and Speed work. I hate speedwork and summer but they are both good for me and do help my pace.

2. Work has been crazy busy. I had to travel for work right after the half marathon and then it got even crazier when I got back. I have been working long hours. Today is the first day I have been able to take a few minutes to write down all my thoughts.

3. My daughter Clara - On top of everything else my 15 year old stress and anxiety reach an all time high. Jason and I knew that this was not just hormones it was more than that. We took her to the pediatrician and she admit that she had thoughts that being dead would relieve this pain she was feeling. That was so hard to hear.......she just puts too much pressure on herself. She did not have a plan to hurt herself so we quickly went search for a therapist. That was an adventure in itself. We finally found one she feels comfortable with but she needs me more than ever.

4. I know there is more BUT I cannot think of of it now......oh.....the positive side. I am finally in the 220s again!!!! Whew.....This morning was 228.25!!!! the past 2 weeks I have been really good about logging and food has been pretty good. The scale moving feels good BUT I am also feeling better physically. I hope at this this feeling continues.....

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4 comments so far.


4 years ago

Hey my dear I have been MIA on CK for awhile too. Great job on your loss especially with everything going on right now. Sending positive thoughts to your family & I am so glad your daughter was able to open up... Poor thing.




4 years ago

what a wonderful MOM! :love: alittle guidance goes along way with kids!
220 :rock1::rock1: got to love that feeling!
good luck!:kiss:




4 years ago

Clara is so lucky to have such a supportive mom who's willing to help her without hesitation. Being 15 is hard - much harder than it was when we were kids. I'm glad she found someone she is comfortable with too.

Hang in there with all the life stress and keep writing. :kiss:




4 years ago

Oh give Clara a big hug from me.... Being a teen is tough and when they add extra pressure forget it.... Hope she is stressfree soon!
You did the race and that is all that counts....
Woo hoo on the scale... :clap: