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Friday, Nov 22 2013

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It has been way too long! It was a rough summer for me but things are getting better. There has been a lot of therapy going on in our house! I see a therapist, Jason sees a therapist and we see a therapist together. I tell you I could not have gotten through this will out all the therapy!!! Overall we are better and are working on the gritty details of the marriage.

After Jason got fired in June, and he just had continually lost his job every 2 years for the past 16 years, I was just like maybe this human resources profession is just not for you. So Jason was going back to school to get into nursing. Then in early October a person who had interviewed Jason a year ago called to see if he was still interested in the position, an HR position. It was not an opportunity we could overlook. The guy wanted to hire him last year but the company made him hire an internal candidate and it did not work out. Well, Jason got the job!!! and knock on wood it is going well. It a very nice company and VERY family oriented.

My running, well from all the stress this past year my running just stunk. I could still run 12 miles but it hurt. I had gotten back up to 240 pounds! During training team I met a new pace coaches that owns his own gym. It is a small gym where there is semi personal training. You have a session and there will be 1-4 people in a group and they offered a weight loss program. After Jason got the job I signed up for 6 months. I just started week 7 and I have lost 19.8 pounds and I have lost 15 inches! The eating plan is to eat a carb, protein and healthy fat at every meal. The first 5 weeks I had 4 meals and now I have 5 meals. I have to tell you it was NOT easy the first week. I just wanted to cry but after the first week it got easier. My running perform decreased to because my body was not used to working out with that kind of calorie deficit.

But now I am feeling so much better and my running performance is improving with the calorie deficit! I have a 5k schedule for the next 3 weeks. My goal is to just improve each week. I am working closely with my running coach too. Oh, this week I did a personal session with my running coach on the track, it was great, I learned so much and am going to do it again! He was able to really help me improve my form. That is going to be my X-mas present more sessions with Tim!

This weight loss program was the way to go for me. I go to the gym 2 times a week. and I time a week I meet with my coach to weigh in and review my food logs. I really need that support and just totally committing to the program is exactly what I needed. I was just giving myself excuses to eat.

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4 years ago

good to see you back Lisa!




4 years ago

I have been wondering about you. Glad things are calming down for you.




4 years ago

HIYA... I am so happy that things are looking up for you! I hope it stays that way....