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Tuesday, Dec 3 2013

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I made it through Thanksgiving without stuffing my face until I can't eat anymore. I did plan to indulge on 3 desserts. The meal itself was pretty healthy: turkey, sweet potatoes and asparagus. I made a deal with myself I could have 1 of each of our thanksgiving desserts. I did pretty good but I just had 1 extra piece of pumpkin pie, otherwise I stayed on my plan. That is a first in Thanksgiving history. That is truly a first for me, no matter what I would eat until sick and then go back for more. I would also indulge in left overs the next day. As a family we agreed to make small amounts of the unhealthy stuff so there would not be many left overs.

I did a 5K the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I finally got back to my PR time on a flat course! I was so excited to see that time. My previous best was 29:26 and I got 29:12. The best part is I felt pretty good during the run.

As of my last weigh last Thursday I was down 26 pounds. I am at an all time low in weight in my adult lifetime and childhood really. In 7th grade I was already over 200 pounds and got down to 205 at one point for a short period. This morning the scale was 210.75! I cannot wait until I see 199!!! It has been going down slowly all week. If nothing crazy happens I should have a good weigh in on Thursday. I just am feeling so good now!

A couple of new things I am doing.

1. I started working one on one with my running coach. I meet him on the track a couple times a month. We do running drills, hurdles work, hill running and then he is teaching me to improve my stride. It is a bit overwhelming but I feel so good when I leave those workouts. That will be my Xmas gift.....more sessions with Tim.
2. I am a still a pace coach for our endurance training team, it will start up again in mid January. BUT our Running Store started a new program called START. It is helping people who have never run before OR it has been a long time since they have run. They are training to do their 5K on New YearÂ’s day. I am volunteer to help out with this group every Sunday morning. It has been an awesome experience helping these guys and gals feel confident about running.

I hope everyone else is doing well!

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6 comments so far.


4 years ago

Wow- excellent! Killer time on the 5k!! :clap:
Keep up the great work (and workouts!). ~TH~




4 years ago

High five for having some great Thanksgiving goals and meeting them. Sounds to me like you really reigned yourself in and exhibited a lot of self-control. Facing down the Thanksgiving feast isn't easy! Also, congrats about completing a 5k on Saturday and achieving your PR time. That's huge too. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Feels good, huh? Thanks for your comments on my blog the other day. Very nice. Best, Cheryl55



4 years ago

Even without leaping hurdles, you're a gazelle!




4 years ago

Your running pace makes me sick :wink3:

I have helped with some C25K groups before, it is awesome to see people achieve things they never thought were possible. You are a great running coach.




4 years ago

Lisa, great job! I wish I could find a START program - I cannot run to save my life and now that I've had knee surgery, my dr advised against it. But, I think it's a surefire way to lose weight. Any tips for a starter who would be going against dr's orders? LOL




4 years ago

You sound wonderful! Congrats on the new PR - wow - that's fast. I can't imagine keeping that pace or even contemplating hurdles. You must be feeling powerful :heart1: Keep up the great work! :clap: