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Monday, Dec 30 2013

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I hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far. This is the first time in a long time that I have really enjoyed the holiday season. We did not do anything fancy, it was just our little family. We just did all the Christmas stuff together. The shopping, cooking, baking, decorating, wrapping, etc. In past years it was me doing everything on my own.

I do think that we need to wait to celebrate Christmas after Christmas. My daughter Elizabeth and I went shopping this past Friday and Saturday. Oh my, everything was so cheap. We had a great day shopping and getting good deals. Clara can drive now so she and a friend just met us at the mall for lunch. Clara is not a fan of clothes shopping. It is kind of strange having her drive now, nice but strange, it sure cuts down on the errands I have to run (but adds a little more worry).

So I needed new clothes and Elizabeth (my 12 year old) is a great to shop with. She has become my personal stylist:) I could not believe it. I fit into a size 16 Long jean, not 16W, a plain 16. Some brands fit better than others. Elizabeth was great about telling me which brand flatters me the most. Then I tried on some tops. There were some really cute tops I wanted to try on but they did not have XLs. Elizabeth told me to go ahead and try on the Large and they fit! I could even sit down and they would not pull. Not only was there not a "W" in front of the size, I can fit into something that does not have an "x" in front of it. Honestly that messes with my mind a little. It was nice, the next day I was wearing my new jeans and top and Clara told me she thought I looked really good. That was the best compliment.

My running has been going really good too. One day last week during lunch I went out for a slower long run which is usually like a 11:45ish pace. 2 miles in I realized I was doing an 11:00 pace and then the last 3 miles I was at a 10:30 paces without putting crazy effort into it (and up hills). Usually a 10:30 tempo run I have to really put some effort into it. The one thing that was different is that was running alone. Usually I am always running with someone, talking with them so that slows me down. This run was just me and no talking. But it was a great feeling.

Honestly for a couple of days I was having a hard time coping with all the success I am having. I started to get scared and stressed. I reached out to a couple friends, the folks I am working with on my weight loss plan and my running coach. They said that it was not unusual to feel that way but I do need to enjoy the success. I think that the past few years of my life have been such a struggle, those happy emotions felt like stress. I think I am also scared of losing everything I have accomplished this fall/winter. I am glad I reached out to my friends and coaches because it really helped and I am feeling much better, more even emotions. Here is what one of my good running friends messaged me when I reached out to him and it helped so much "Totally makes sense! Don't sweat it Lisa! The scary thing about running is what the power can do to you! You are doing something amazing! You just have to understand it's all a process. Running has mood swings after mood swings. You have to be able to enjoy the good and work through the bad. Don't forget for a second how many incredible things you have done thus far in this sport! You look amazing and are only going to continue to get better and better. Keep after your goals and remember why you were doing it in the first place. Things will fall in place and I guarentee you'll be be happier because of it! I am always here for you down the road if you ever have any questions! Love you lisa!" I love my running group:)

I have been working with that START program. This is the program where people are running for the first time OR have not run in a while. It is a couch to 5K kind of plan. Yesterday was the last group run and January 1st is the commitment day 5k. This has been a great experience. The past 3 weeks I have been running with one of the slower runners. She runs an average 17:00 pace. The one thing that bothers me a little about the other pace coaches is they all seem to run with the faster runners and they seems to run together. I have been sticking with the slowest runners so they do not feel alone. Anyway this one runner has progressed so much. When we were doing a 8 minute run and a 2 minute walk, 3 weeks ago she could not run the full 8 minutes, or talk while running. Yesterday she was able to run the full 8 minutes, talk and run up hills! It was so exciting. I am going to run the 5K with her, I cannot wait and hope that she has a great experience.

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4 years ago

Lisa your running group is right - you are have done and continue to do amazing things in your running and your weight loss. It's a very scary thing but you have made such amazing strides you deserve to strut a little! Keep up the great work and I really look forward to hearing about your accomplishments in 2014.

By the way as a runner who will be revisiting the back of the pack very soon I think what you are doing to help new/returning runners develop and improve is GREAT. That, to me, is what makes the running community so special and amazing. :smile1:




4 years ago

Happy New Year!!!!




4 years ago

I have said it before and I will say it again, you are an amazing running coach!! I have always been a back of the pack runner and it :angry2: me off to no end when you get to an aid station or the finish line and they have started packing stuff up. The slower people are the ones that need that extra encouragement... this I know all too well.

How is your daughter doing?




4 years ago

I can so relate to the anxious moments your success has generated - that alone is good reason for pacing ourselves on this journey. Our minds need time to catch up with how we can push our bodies. I'm glad you have the support you need, and are so good at passing it along to others. Cheers! Karen