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Wednesday, Feb 5 2014

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Winter, I know, I don’t have to say any more. We got another storm last night, snow and freezing rain and school canceled again for the girls. I can handle the snow but what I am really getting tired of is the Wind!!!! It just hurts when you step out the door.
Luckily I have been able to get in all my runs in outside. I will do anything to not have to run on the treadmill. Running has been going very well. Unfortunately, this past Sunday training team was cancelled because of freezing rain, a good decision. I love being a pace coach but it was kind of nice doing a long run by myself. I have a trail that I run on that is my go to bad weather trial. It has a ton of tree cover, so even with freezing rain; you can run safely, I ran 10 miles. Since I was running on my own my average pace for the run was 11:32 and I felt great. Last fall my pace was 12:00-12:30 and I did not feel that great during or afterwards.

This afternoon I am meeting up with a small group from training team to do hill repeats. I am not sure how well we will do because of the snow and sleet we got last night but we will do our best but also keep it safe.

I finally saw a new number on the scale, 195! The past couple of weeks the scale had been bouncing back and forth 197-199 AND I have been crazy kind of hungry. It has been challenging since I started increasing my mileage. I was starting to just pop food into my mouth without thinking again. It is the same hungry when I started the plan in October. I have been texting my trainer and we are working on my food plan so it will be easier to stay on track. Things are going so well I don’t want those old habits to take over again. It is a matter of balancing my meals and being fueled, just enough.

This weekend is my first run. It is a 6K, a bridge opening run BUT we are expecting snow again Friday and Saturday. Tim wants me to just run at Tempo pace so I don’t get hurt. This is the first race of several that I am signed up for. This weekend is the 6K, next weekend is a 4 mile Chocolate race and the following weekend is a 5K. I am excited to see progress! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate!

Does anyone what the biggest loser? What are your thoughts on Rachel? The thing that stuck out for me is that she just looks so thin. She did not look athlete healthy. Like Dani last season looked like an athlete at the finale. I wonder what her BMI was?

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4 years ago

Glad the baby got adopted. I know if he had been around much longer he wouldn't have gone anywhere.

Puppies are hard!!




4 years ago

I am so with you on the weather! I'm over it! You are more hard core than me. I skipped my Sunday run. It was only 8x800 but the snow and wind were just too much.

I watched TBL but I'm not sure how I feel. I am 5'3" and was 106 at my lowest and a size 0 or 00. I got a lot if people telling me I was too thin but I didn't (and don't) see it. Now that I am up to 125 those same people tell me I look healthy but I really want to lose 10 pounds. Anyway, my thing is TBL is a competition and it is really hard to beat those big boys. Did she go too far? Maybe. She will probably gain some back as is the norm after they go back to their normal lives. I say give it a few months. Oh, and her BMI is 17.5

I'm sorry you will miss your little guy! Fostering isn't for the weak. You can always join the ranks of us foster failures and keep him but then you have less room to change the lives of future little ones who need you. Believe me, I understand.




4 years ago

We had a storm yesterday too. I got to work from home but the day went by too fast... Good luck on the run and awesome job on the loss... I so want to be like you when I grow up.




4 years ago

LIsa, have you coached women who are in their fifties? How is it different for us (it has to be - we're older). What precautions should we take? You mentioned core strength (mine is probably shot), but my endurance is pretty good. I'm about 3.4 on the treadmill (walking). I'd love to run again. My backstory - I've run quite a few 5k's and 1 10k. So I'm no newbie to running. I'd just heard that you shouldn't after a certain age if you were female. Thanks!



4 years ago

Wow Lisa, you are doing great! Keep it up! You don't know it, but you are an inspiration. I don't think I could ever run, due to Cheryl's comments, but at least I know it could be done if I wanted to.

I am originally from St L, what part do you live in? I lived in Afton, went to Bayless High School




4 years ago

Congrats about the new number! That's GREAT:) Motivating too, huh? So you're a pace coach. Wish we had you out here. I flirt with running again all of the time, but have heard horror stories for older women (dropped uterus and other organs due to impact). Do you know anything about that? Hate the wind too (we also have it in Austin!). What gives... Hunker down and stay warm. Best, Cheryl55