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Thursday, Feb 13 2014

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Today is a sleepy day, I just want to take a nap. I cannot believe it is already Thursday.

Eating wise the week didn't start out great. I was just flat out hungry. By Sunday I was finally able to get the hunger under control and got back on track with eating within my goal range.

Saturday I did that Bridge Ceremony 6K run. It was crowded, my goal to to keep it at a tempo pace which is 9:45-10:00 pace. There was still snow on the ground so we needed to be careful and it was 15 degrees at the race start time. The first half of the race it was just so crowded I could only get to a 10:00 pace. At the turn point it thinned out a little and I got my overall average pace down to 9:44. I was happy because during the entire run I really felt great, no thoughts of I cannot keep up this pace. A few months ago that was not the case at all.

Sunday was a 12 mile long run in the snow on Sunday. We still have snow and ice on the ground from a storm we had a week ago. It was not easy running but we got in the miles. I am only training for a half marathon but I have these marathoners in my training group. I am not going to be able to do all there runs with them but I can ate least to 12-14. After a long run I work very hard to eat quality carbs, protien and healthy fat right after the run. It really makes a big difference in my hunger.

This week all my runs have felt very strong

This weekend is a 4 mile chocolate run, yum. My goal is to break 39:00. Last year my 4 mile time was 40:02. I don't think that it will be a problem to break that at all based on how I have been feeling on my training runs. I will certainly run for chocolate.

My weight maintained this week at 195. I will take it! It was a tough eating week for me. I know it will get more challenging as I am only about 20 pounds away from my goal.

One of my friends started a new runner inspiration company and he wanted a picture of me in one of his t-shirt. Here an updated picture. If I inserted the image correctly.

This weekend I am going out on my date with Jason and 2 other couple friends. I am excited and I am going to wear my new dress:)

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4 years ago look AMAZING..:clap:
Wear that dress and rock it..enjoy the date!!!

by SOMARA627



4 years ago

Great picture and great job on your race! Keep it up girlie!!!




4 years ago

OMG you look so skinny and healthy!!

No wonder you are hungry with all that running, your body needs fuel.

I have my shirt set out but I haven't been able to get out with anyone to take a picture. I want to take it by the golden driller or blue whale...means nothing to you I know but they are local landmarks. Oh, and the blue whale was on An Idiot Abroad!!