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Monday, Feb 17 2014

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Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Overall I had a great weekend. Friday night we celebrated V-Day with the family. We made homemade pizza and swapped little gifts. It was a nice family night.

Saturday morning I was supposed to do a 4 mile V-day race. We had some freezing rain the day before so it was in question if the race would happen or not. There was not a email canceling so I went downtown to the race. I saw some volunteers and asked them if there were any changes. They said the race route changed but thought that the race was still 4 miles. I waited to go to the start line until 5 minutes before the race because it was 15 degrees that morning. I heard the announcers talking but could not hear what they were saying. The race started and since I was in the back it was crazy crowded. I ran the 1st mile in 9:59 and then realize the turn around was approaching and figured the race was shortened. I asked a couple volunteers along the way and they all said the it was 4 miles. So I went ahead and started running faster. I ran the second mile in 9:16 and then ran the last .9 miles in 8:20! The race only ended up being 2.9 miles, my total time was 27:36. Next Saturday I am going to do a Mardi Gras 5K and I should be able to break 29:00. I was happy because I felt pretty comfortable running this race at those paces.

My husband and I went on our Valentine's date. We had so much fun. Here is the picture of my size 14 dress:) I was also happy because it is looser than when I tried it on in the store 3 weeks ago.

I did indulge both Friday evening and Saturday evening. That is OK. Sunday I got back on track right away. The weather was still a problem for training team. Most people ran 6 miles and the marathoners only ran 10 miles (thank goodness) this week. We were able to find route to run in the road that was clear of ice and snow. The 10 mile run felt great and I made sure I fueled myself with good protein, good carbs and healthy fat after the run and I can tell a big different in my hunger. I did not have have crazy hunger yesterday AND also am not having crazy hunger today (well right now). I usually am so crazy hungry the day after a long run. So far so good, amazing what good food choices can do.

I have everyone has a great week. Finally it is going to warm up in St. Louis and all this ice and snow will melt!!

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4 years ago

Wow, you look incredible now! You've clearly been doing some great work since the last time I visited. :)




4 years ago

Wonderful picture - you look amazing! Oh and we get freezing rain here too and. let me just say, it sucks. Glad you had such a good run. :y:




4 years ago

You look BEAUTIFUL....




4 years ago

Lovely dress! Glad you know how to enjoy a night out and get right back to it. That's huge in terms of long-term success. Kudos too on the race! Wow, you've got it goin' on! :clap:




4 years ago

Lovely pic! Enjoy the 'warmer' weather. :-)




4 years ago

You look cute in that dress. How cool is it that it's looser!

Have a great week :)