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Monday, Feb 24 2014

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All I have to say is OMG. I did a 5K on Saturday and my goal was to just break 29:00. My previous best time last July was 29:26 on a very flat course. BUT just in October I was back at trying to break 32:00. I was a good girl and Friday night I drove the race route and there were only 2 significant hills on the course. Race day weather was perfect too, 40 degrees, sun and just a little bit of wind. I complete the race in 28:15!!!! That is a 9:06 average pace! I finished 14th out of 108th in my age group (40-49) and 220th out of 1,135. Honestly I feel pretty good the entire time, there were a couple of times that I had that panic feeling wondering if I could keep the pace but other than that I felt like I was in control during the race. It was just a great feeling. Of course later, I was thinking, 16 seconds....I am sure I could have run 16 seconds faster to see 27...... BUT no, I am really happy.

A day after the race I have to run 12 miles with training team. I was feeling pretty good during the 8-10 miles but then I was feeling my quads. There was a runner that was struggling a bit so I helped her walk/run the last 2 miles. She was experiencing a lot of knee pain on the run and says she has been for a couple of weeks. I encouraged her to see the folks from proRehab after the race to get a gate analysis to make sure that she is good to go for marathon training.

I really think people think "I have to run through the pain" but there is a different between muscle and carb fatigue pain and just something wrong. I am really trying to get people to think about what they need to do to have quality runs, it is not just putting one foot in front of the other. You really need to have good hip and core strength to prevent injuries.

My husband is still doing great on his diet, it is really becoming a lifestyle for him. He signed on with the gym I am working with to do 10 weeks of weigh in and personal nutritional counseling. Before he was part of a big group challenge and did not have that 1:1 I have. I am really glad he was willing to make that commitment.

Having both of us focus on health has been a great influence on both of our daughters. They are coming up to us and asking if the snack they have is balanced and nutritious. I love they are coming to us.

I am off for a lunch break for a slow and easy recovery run!

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4 years ago

AWESOME! I am so happy for you....
I signed up for the color run 5k, I am just hoping to make it across the finish line.




4 years ago

Couldn't be happier for you and I had to laugh at the 16 second comment. Only us crazy runners would take an awesome victory and think we could have done it better. :D

Great job coaching people to get the difference between being tired or not wanting to go on and truly needing to look into an issue - I hope they help her out so she doesn't have to stop for too long.

Keep up the awesome work lady!




4 years ago

Wow girl, you are a rock star! I can't get over how stinking fast you are.

I am right with you on the pain thing. When I first started running I hurt my knee and everyone told me that I just had to run through the pain. It was excruciating! Turns out it was a significant stress fracture in my knee and I wound up on crutches for 3 months!!




4 years ago

Congratulations on your time!