SAXONHARP's Mar 2014 CalorieKing Blog

Thursday, March 27th 2014

Yes! Making progress on the scale, this morning 193.75. Just a little under 2 pounds and I will be back to my lowest weight, 192. It really did feel good getting back on track with nutrition AND and feel so much better. I really think it was allergies. I took Benadryl to help with the symptoms and started taking Claritin. I have never dealt with Allergies before but each year they get worse.

Tuesday I did my strength training workout. I was a little tired during the working but aft...

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Tuesday, March 25th 2014

It was a busy weekend. I took last Thursday and Friday off to hang out with the girls for their last days of spring break. On Saturday we did tons of errands and I started not feeling very good. My eyes and face got itchy and I just overall felt so tired. I was a little worried because Sunday was a 13 mile run. I took some allergy meds and went to be early, I woke up and did not feel my best but I went to training team anyway. We ran the 13 miles and everyone on the training team was very ...

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Monday, March 17th 2014

Happy St. Pat's Day!!!

I had a very nice weekend. It started off with the St. Pat's 5 mile run. This is a huge run in St. Louis. There are over 10,000 runners and walkers. The only annoying thing about this race is that they don't make people start in their pace group. You have to spend a lot of time weaving around people to keep your pace. It is great that people run together but they end up walking/running 5 people across and it makes it difficult for those of us who are running for...

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Monday, March 10th 2014

Last week was a rough week for me. I got some kind of stomach bug and i felt terrible from Sunday to Thursday last week. It was strange my stomach was doing flip flops but I also had this terrible headache. I am not a headache person, so I am not used to having that kind of pain in my head. For those of you who suffer for headaches, I am sorry!

Needless to say, I only did 2 easy runs during the week, no strength training at all. I thought of doing that kind of exercise made me feel lik...

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