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Monday, Mar 17 2014

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Happy St. Pat's Day!!!

I had a very nice weekend. It started off with the St. Pat's 5 mile run. This is a huge run in St. Louis. There are over 10,000 runners and walkers. The only annoying thing about this race is that they don't make people start in their pace group. You have to spend a lot of time weaving around people to keep your pace. It is great that people run together but they end up walking/running 5 people across and it makes it difficult for those of us who are running for a specific time. And they will just stop to walk right in the middle of the road!!!

I did start the race a lot closer than I normally would. There was another pace coach that that had the same race plan, She is typically much faster than I am but she is returning from surgery and trying to get back to her peak running. This was the first time she was going to race with someone else and we were both a little nervous. It turned out to be great. Ellie was great about moving through the crowd to get as close as we could to the start line. I would not have felt that comfortable. The race plan was to run the first 3 mile around a 9:50 pace. Ellie was great at spotting people we would need to maneuver around and we would decide how to run around them, I felt like a running back in football finding the route to run through (is it a running back??):) We were both checking each other about not going out too fast. Downtown St. Louis is pretty hilly. The first 3 miles had 3 significant hills, the longest hill was at mile 3. After mile 3 it was more downhill with just a few smaller up hills.

At mile 4 I was able to increase my pace and then mile 5 I was able to go faster, here are my splits. Except for Mile 3, negative splits!!! My final time was 48:01. Last year I did it in 50:26!!! I felt in control the entire race, no panic feelings.

Mile 1 - 9:41.08
Mile 2 - 9:34.30
Mile 3 - 9:50.23 (BIG hill)
Mile 4 - 9:22.76
Mile 5 - 9:06.37

OK here is my attempt to insert pictures!!! Theses are some of my running peeps! They are just amazing people, I get so much support from them. First picture where I am not the tallest person!

After the race we went to my home town where they have a big St. Pats celebration. We just hung out at some of our favorite places and and the kids got a ton of pool time in the hotel.

My oldest daughter did not go with us because she had to work over the weekend. She was looking forward to spending the day chillin at home. When we got back home she did almost all the laundry and vacuumed. She is the most thoughtful 16 year old!! She did not want us to have to worry about it after we got home. She is just an awesome kid.

This weekend I ate like I just ran a marathon. I ate ALL my favorite foods and it large quantities. I loved every second of it!!! Now time to eat healthy and I want to because I am feeling kind of gross.

Just 2 more races left for this training plan. They just happen to be 2 half marathons. I just emailed my running coach what the race plan should be since I keep guessing what it should be:) I think I have the runners high now:)

Have a great week!!!!

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4 years ago

Awesome work lady!!!!! :rock1:




4 years ago

:rock1:Way to go!!! I knew you'd hit your goal time. :rock1::clap::clap:




4 years ago

I couldn't keep up with you if I were on wheels, you are getting super fast!!

Glad to hear your daughter is doing better, I was really worried for awhile.

Try putting [img] in front and [/img] at the end of the picture link.

Spring race season will be over before you know it!!




4 years ago

Awesome job on the race time.... woot woot.