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Tuesday, Mar 25 2014

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It was a busy weekend. I took last Thursday and Friday off to hang out with the girls for their last days of spring break. On Saturday we did tons of errands and I started not feeling very good. My eyes and face got itchy and I just overall felt so tired. I was a little worried because Sunday was a 13 mile run. I took some allergy meds and went to be early, I woke up and did not feel my best but I went to training team anyway. We ran the 13 miles and everyone on the training team was very excited to get in that last long run before the half marathon. After I got home from training team I just slept the entire day. I informed my family that I would be useless the entire day. I only got up to drink and eat and then just went right to bed.

Last year at 1 week before the half marathon I got the same allergy/head cold thing. At least this year it is 2 weeks before the race so I have the rest of this week to recover and feel better. Good thing it is taper time. I skipped Monday's workout. I was supposed to meet Tim on the Track but I was not up to it at all, rest is the most important thing for me now. I did the training and I feel pretty confident about the half marathon. I am focusing on extra rest and hydration. Even today I am feeling much better. The congestion is getting so much better, I think I did a good job of self diagnosing myself with Allergies and took the right meds. This afternoon I have a strength training appointment. I will do that since it is only 30 minutes and I will run tomorrow.

My eating the past couple of weeks has not been the best. The weekend before we went out of town and it was hard to get back into the eating healthy habit. Honestly I just started to feel crappy. This past Saturday I got back on eating healthy and have been doing good ever since and I do feel so much better. I got back up to 198 again but it is going back down. This morning I was at 196.5 so it won't take me to long to get back to 192. The good news is that even thought my weight was up a little, I am still losing inches! I thought so because my clothes still fit pretty good. I was down another inch around my bust, down an inch around my waist and .5 inches around my arm. Even a 1/2 inch off my calf.

They also did a strength assessment. In October I did a wall sit for 45 second, Now I can do it for 2:45, I could have gone longer but I went ahead and stopped, my quads were burning. In Oct my plank was 30 minutes and I did a plank for over 2 minutes. It was great to see that different. Reminded me that the scale was not the only important factor. The scale is important because it was not lying that my eating had gotten out of control.

This difference for me this time is that I am so not beating myself up about it. I asked myself what do I really want? I WANT to eat healthy most of the time, I WANT to keep improving my strength and running. It is worth eating healthy 90% of the time.

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4 years ago

that is so gr8 for u to c such a huge improvement!! congrats!! :-) keep up the super woman heroics!! :-)




4 years ago

Definitely take it easy. The nice thing about tapering is that your body is ready for some rest and recuperation. Missing a workout won't mess up your race so make sure you get enough to feel good the day of the race.

Nice job on the inches lost and the strength gained - you are doing great! :y:




4 years ago

I hope you feel better soon.




4 years ago

I hope you are all better for the race.... Your outlook has changed on weightloss and I love it.... You are so inspiring!