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Thursday, Mar 27 2014

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Yes! Making progress on the scale, this morning 193.75. Just a little under 2 pounds and I will be back to my lowest weight, 192. It really did feel good getting back on track with nutrition AND and feel so much better. I really think it was allergies. I took Benadryl to help with the symptoms and started taking Claritin. I have never dealt with Allergies before but each year they get worse.

Tuesday I did my strength training workout. I was a little tired during the working but after the workout I felt really good.

Yesterday was my first day back to running. I was a little nervous because I took those days off but rest was definitely the right thing to do. During this training team I have become good friends with a few women. We have been getting together to do some of the tempo runs together during the week when we can. Yesterday I met Jenny to do our race pace run. It felt great. We did 3 - 1 mile intervals at goal race pace. Well, I think we were kind of racing each other because each interval was at a sub 10 minute pace. We kept asking each other if we wanted to slow down but never did. It was a fun run, we laughed the entire time. I am really starting to feel good about breaking 2:20 on April 6th! The race plan is to run the first 8-9 miles at the 10:40 pace and then see if I can negative split after that.

After my workout with Jenny I helped out with the second season of the START program. This is a running program that helps runners who have never run before OR it has been a long time since they have run. I helped coach the first season but I could not do the second season since I am helping to coach the 1/2 marathon training team. They needed a sub coach for the Wednesday night workout. It was truly a great experience for me. I worked with the slower runners and you could just see that they were NOT excited at all, still feeling like they could not run. The workout was to walk for 2 minutes and then do a pick up run for 45 seconds for 3 miles. The coach that has been working with them the 2 previous weeks said she didn't think they could do 45 minutes so we only did 30 second intervals.

I was at the end of the group and had about 8 people around me. They were concerned after the first set that they could not do it. When we were at our walking interval I assured them that the first 2 intervals are the hardest and it will get easier as we go. I told them they needed to go fast enough so they could only say a couple of words but they needed to be able to breath. Once we got into the 5-6 interval the mood changed, they started to feel more comfortable and some were actually smiling. As we headed back to the store we had finished our intervals and still had about 1/2 mileish to go. I told them they could easily to the 45 second intervals and said lets give it a try and tell Becky (the one who shortened the intervals) that we rocked the 45 seconds intervals. Everyone did AWESOME, no problems doing the 45 second intervals. I think they were so nervous that it was causing making it harder for them to breathe. As they relaxed the intervals got easier. They were cheering as they finished each 45 second interval. Totally different feel than the when we started the workout.

One lady was thanking me to entire time for helping them. She started to cry, I think happy tears. She said that usually were running by themselves because they were so far back. Everyone said they thought I was very supportive and encouraging. I am not trying to pat myself on the back, I was just so touched and happy to help. I know how scary it is. It really irritates me that they do not impress upon the volunteer coaches they need to be placed all along the course. This is a program where there is a fee. You have to have people in the back, they need the most support. Afterwards we all stretched together and everyone was smiling and felt great. I wish I could help this group more but I just cannot commit to volunteering every week with how busy my April is shaping up.

This week has been going fast! Can't believe it is Thursday already!

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4 years ago

Well done! :clap:




4 years ago

As I've said before you are a GREAT coach. And, since I'm now in the way back of the pack, I think it's extra important to have someone be supportive but not baby you. Confidence is very powerful and that was what they needed most and you helped them increase theirs. Nice work lady!




4 years ago

You are awesome! It is great that you were helping. Yeah on the scale....




4 years ago

I really wish you lived closer to me so you could coach my slow ass!! You are such a great coach.




4 years ago





4 years ago

Awww, that sounds like a great program. Good for you for inspiring them! I should find something like that here. I know I see them advertised all the time.