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Tuesday, May 6 2014

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Hello Everyone.

Not too much to say really. It was a nice week after the half marathon, I felt pretty good last week but still kept the workouts light. Now, getting focused on nutrition again. I am fortunate that I am maintaining but I do notice that I am starting to just pop food into my mouth again when the urge hits me. My goal this week is to get that under control. I guess I am feeling kind of comfortable with how I feel and since I experience great running success I have lost motivation to lose the last 20 - 25 pounds.

I know I need to be careful because I know that it is very easy for those pounds to creep back on and I do not want that to happen. Since I am in a half marathon training off season I want to take advantage of this time and focus on weight loss again until it starts back up again in July!

I have to tell you it has been kind of fun trying on summer tops and shorts. Many T-shirts are very large but I still can wear them. There are some shorts that are just too big and I need to donate them. There are some shorts that I wore last year (but should not have) and they are just a little loose, very comfortable!

My husband has lost about 20 pounds. I can see that he is still trying to focus on eating healthy but is starting to loose a little motivation. We need to make sure we continue to motivate each other.

The best is that my older daughter, she is 16, has started watching what she is eating and she has been going to our family gym 4 times a week. She said she started at 240 and is now down to 228. I am so proud of her, she is not doing a crazy diet, just watching her portion sizes and going to the gym. She keeps showing me how loose her pants are getting:) I have not nagged her at all, this is all coming from Clara. Clara is also my daughter that had a really rough year last year. She is going great now!!! She got a part time job and she just loves being independent. She smiles so much more now and has really started to act more confident in what she does. I am just so proud of her and I know she will do great things!

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4 years ago

Oh I am so happy for Clara... What a great girl... Just like her mama.....
So glad you are in a good place with how you feel. I am certain you will keep on track with the popping food in whenever.




4 years ago

Sounds like you and your family are on an upward swing and really hitting their respective strides..good for you Lisa!:clap:

by SOMARA627



4 years ago

You guys are doing so great, you are such a great role model for Clara and your husband.




4 years ago

All good news. That last 20 is tough - I've been sort of trying to lose mine for awhile now. Having your husband to support you is going to really help.