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Thursday, May 8 2014

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Just a quick check in! Making sure I stay connected so I keep good focus.

It is getting hot now, this usually happens, it is cold and then we have a couple days of spring and then boom mid 80s. Good news I am able to handle the heat much better than I have in the past, I am sure shedding 45 pounds helps and I am much fitter than I was last October.

This morning I put on a T-Shirt that has been a goal T-Shirt for many years, probably about 6 years. It is one of those T-shirts that just runs small. It is an XL but a small one. A couple of months ago I started wearing it. It did fit, I got the official approval from my daughter Elizabeth (my fashion forward daughter) that it fit, was not too tight and it did not crawl into my back fat:)

I put on this T-Shirt this morning and it is much looser! Freshly washed too. That was a great feeling this morning. AND I knocked out a humid 5 mile run, it was humid at 5AM! Kept an average pace of 11:15 for my "easy" run. Can't complain.

Next week I will be traveling to Texas to watch my brother mark compete in Ironman Texas! I cannot wait to watch these amazing athletes. I am leaving next Wednesday super early in the morning. My daughter Elizabeth is going with me. Clara has a job now and does not want to ask off for more time because she will be needed to ask off a lot of time during marching band season. That girl is so amazing and responsible for a 16 year old. I could not disagree with her.

Last night Elizabeth was talking about what snacks she would like to pack. She said "Mom, I don't want to pack junk." She listed out string cheese, nuts, cut up veggies and fruit. I was one proud mama.

Everyone have a great day!

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4 years ago

whoo hoo!! congrats on the t-shirt!! i will be thrilled when i can wear all my clothes again!!! hahaha!! i wanted to say thank you for the gr8 advice today!!! u r so right "i'm not letting the scale have that control" because i know i did eat right and i believe it will all catch up next time i go to see the coach and have had some healing time and some movin' time.....movin' outta the chair!! lol!!! thanks again and have a blast in tx!! :-)




4 years ago

:rock1: fitting into the goal shirt :clap:

I don't care how much weight I lose, I will still hate hot and humid :nono4: I live in the wrong part of the country!!

That is so exciting about your brother!! I can't imagine doing an ironman. Must run in the family.




4 years ago

Wow - you are such a good role model for your kids! Go Mom!



4 years ago

Oh I hope your brother does great. Yeah on the shirt.....




4 years ago

Sounds like you're passing down some great habits!