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Tuesday, May 13 2014

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It is time to get real. I have been so inconsistent with logging my food since the second half marathon. My weight is creeping back up and it needs to stop. My membership with the small studio I have been doing the weight loss program ended in April. Luckily I still have 8 sessions left with them that they are going to let me use because I never cancelled them at the last minute.

Every quarter they do this thing called the take down challenge. It is basically the jump start program portion of the weight loss program I started last october. It is usually $200.00 and you get meal plans/recipes, 1 boot camp a week and an accountability coach. I wanted to do it but I really didn't want to spend the money since I was going to Texas tomorrow and that was going to cost some money. I worked out with the owner this morning and he said she would give me $50.00 off the price. I am going to do it! Physically I am in just a great space, my running is so strong and my workouts are getting more difficult and I really enjoy the challenge. I really love the person I am becoming. I figure $150.00 is worth getting me back on track. The program actually starts on Saturday but I will still be in Texas, that is IRONMAN day for my brother.

I am not waiting until Saturday to start eating healthy. I started logging yesterday and had a great day. Today is starting off well too, I did my speed work and then had my training session and packed a great lunch and snack. It is a 4 week challenge and based on how it went for me last October my goal is to see 180 something, I don't care if it is 189. This morning I was at no no......can't let myself be in the 200's again.

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4 years ago

That sounds like $150 well spent to me! You can absolutely do it and the challenge will help you with the motivation - good for you!




4 years ago

I think it's great that you're signing up again




4 years ago

maintenance is harder than weight loss. It is so hard not to get complacent and just start back in on the bad habits.

You are going to have so much fun this weekend. I will bet money you will get bit by the ironman bug :P




4 years ago

Good for you for sigining up... I hope your brother does great! Can't wait to hear all about it.