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Thursday, May 29 2014

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Things have been going pretty good. Last week I lost 5.8 pounds doing the take down challenge. I was very happy with that because it included 3 days of traveling. I know that it is a lot of water weight and not almost 6 pounds of fat but I am getting rid of that bloat and it feels so much better. I am back down in onederland, barely.

Over memorial weekend I had to travel for work. I had to work with the hotel food as we were stuck in meetings on Friday and Saturday. Overall I made really good choices, I had 2 indulgences. A piece of cake each day. For the meals that I added the cake, that was my carb. It was worth it.

But once I got home I had a little harder time getting back into the groove. On Sunday I ended up eating 2 large bowls of cereal, it just happened so fast. Then on memorial day we had some friends over. All the side dishes were healthy and clean. The only bad thing was the beef brisket my husband made but then the kids wanted dessert and they made a cookie cake. I had a big piece of the cookie cake plus several drive by pieces.

BUT they past 2 days I have been doing much better. I think I am more hungry because my running is increasing again. The first of week of the take down challenge I was not running as much because of all the travel. Got to get used to feeling hungry again.

Summer speedwork has begun. I had to do the first 2 sessions on my own because of the travel. Last night was my first time back on the track with everyone else. I was a little nervous because I was moving up to group 4. We are broken up into 5 groups based on the goal 5K time. This is my 4th year of doing speedwork and I have been in group 5 the entire time. When I started I was in group 5 and one of the last people in every time. Through the years I moved to the middle of the pack and last year I was infront. Now I am in the back in group 4 but it is the right place for me. It went great, everyone took off but I was good about keeping my pace and ended up passing a handful of people later because they took off too fast. It was a ladder workout. 2 sets of 800s, 1 400 and a 200.

800 set 1 4:27 (8:13 average pace)
800 set 2 4:21 (garmin say 8:13 too.)
400 2:20 (7:32 average pace)
200 0:51 (6:34 average pace)

Even though the 6:34 pace was only for 51 seconds I will take it. I think that is the fastest I have ever run.

I posted on facebook too. I finally wore my first sleeveless running shirt EVER. When I walked out both my daughters said I looked cute AND they could see back muscles! That was the best compliment!!!!

I should have been wearing sleeveless tanks a long time ago!!! It is so much cooler! Last night was 87 degrees and humid!!!! It was very nice to get that breeze along the back.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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3 years ago

Nice work lady!!! Ladders are brutal and you killed them especially considering how hot it was. You are doing amazing and are an inspiration Lisa!




3 years ago

Dang, maybe hanging out at the ironman helped you regain some focus?

6:34 pace is amazing on its own but in 87 degree heat!!! You my friend are a speed demon.




3 years ago