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Monday, Jun 16 2014

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Life has been very busy. I am ready for it to slow down.

Last week my daughter Elizabeth had her dance recital on Monday night (she did awesome!) and then I had to turn around and travel for work, only got 4 hours of sleep and then had fly to DC to spend the day with Clients. Then back home late and then turn around for early conference calls on Wednesday. I was supposed to go to speedwork on Wednesday but I couldn't, I just hurt. Then on friday my husband did a BBQ competition. I worked Friday AM and then helped Jason load in all his gear, I got home around 9:00pm then up in the morning for a bridal shower and then back to help Jason pack up and unload all his BBQ stuff, then I get to get up Sunday at 5am for a 5K.

It was the first time in a long time I did not go into a race with a race plan!!! This race is one of the easier courses in town. There are a lot of downhills, it is known as the fastest 5K. It had been since March since I raced a 5K. After the 2 half marathons in April, I have been running, but have definitely taken the training and nutrition down a notch. I did need the break. So even as the race started I did not know how I planned to race. I ended up with a PR 27:54, my previous best time was 28:01. It was nice to see a 27, I really suprised myself. If I were in better shape I would have been able to hit 27:45 BUT I will take it!

So last week I gained back the 8 pounds I lost. Here I go again back and forth. At least I am going back and forth in lower numbers and all my clothes feel good. I need to figure out how to keep the motivation up. Right now I just don't want to get over 200 pounds, I think I will keep that focus. This week I don't have a crazy work week and the evenings are not crazy busy either. My goal is just to stay in the 1,600 calorie range. I don't want to declare that I am going to lose X amount of pounds in X amount of time. I don't think I am ready for that. I think I just need to have a couple of weeks to maintain. Training for half marathons start in Mid July. Honestly I just feel like I am not getting enough sleep, I know that is not helping me with making good food choices. Here is to a maintaining week!

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3 years ago

I think its great that you run/compete, I've always wanted to do that but I have bad knees. :(

Have patience with yoursekf and tune in, your body will tell you what it needs. Hope you catch up on your sleep , we all know how badly lack of sleep makes us feel and clouds our heads.




3 years ago

I totally get the not enough sleep. When I am tired I pick and pick and pick. I don't even know why. I bet with all the running around you had to do all week and with this week being a little slower you will see some of that 8lbs fall back off.
Great job on the 5k, you keep making those PR's.... So happy for you.




3 years ago

Hang in there girl - work stress and constant back and forth travel can wreak havoc with weight. And I have no doubt that some of that 8 pounds is water anyhow from all the salty travel foods. :wink3:

Great job on the PR - sometimes the best races I've ever had are the ones were I just ran by feel and without a plan and, like you said, sometimes you just need a break from all the training we end up doing for our races. The freedom to just enjoy the experience without it being about finish times is the best way to refresh yourself and then come back even stronger.

Keep up the great work!!!!




3 years ago

Congrats on the new PR - you are amazingly fast for your current weight. Getting my running speed back is one of my motivators but at my lowest weight I still could not run a 5K in under 28! Right now I would be thrilled to get back to 35 min.