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Wednesday, May 21st 2014

What a great experience I had in Texas.

Elizabeth and I left St. Louis last Wednesday at 4:30am and we got into Houston, Texas at 7:30pm. We stopped every 2-3 hours for potty breaks/food/stretching. We never stopped longer than 30 minutes. Elizabeth was a great traveler, she is 12. She is typically pretty impatient so I was a little worried she would be pretty whiney but she did not whine one bit during the entire trip. She said she knew she had to get into a mindset that she was going...

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Tuesday, May 13th 2014

It is time to get real. I have been so inconsistent with logging my food since the second half marathon. My weight is creeping back up and it needs to stop. My membership with the small studio I have been doing the weight loss program ended in April. Luckily I still have 8 sessions left with them that they are going to let me use because I never cancelled them at the last minute.

Every quarter they do this thing called the take down challenge. It is basically the jump start program por...

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Thursday, May 8th 2014

Just a quick check in! Making sure I stay connected so I keep good focus.

It is getting hot now, this usually happens, it is cold and then we have a couple days of spring and then boom mid 80s. Good news I am able to handle the heat much better than I have in the past, I am sure shedding 45 pounds helps and I am much fitter than I was last October.

This morning I put on a T-Shirt that has been a goal T-Shirt for many years, probably about 6 years. It is one of those T-shirts that ...

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Tuesday, May 6th 2014

Hello Everyone.

Not too much to say really. It was a nice week after the half marathon, I felt pretty good last week but still kept the workouts light. Now, getting focused on nutrition again. I am fortunate that I am maintaining but I do notice that I am starting to just pop food into my mouth again when the urge hits me. My goal this week is to get that under control. I guess I am feeling kind of comfortable with how I feel and since I experience great running success I have lost mo...

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Monday, April 28th 2014

Last half marathon is done for the Spring! I don't do many of these but this was a destination half marathon. We traveled about 3 hours away to Champaign IL. I selected this course because it is supposed to be flat and fast. I have done a couple "flat" half marathons and never felt like they were easier. This was the first flat course I was doing after losing 45 pounds and getting fitter so I thought lets see how I feel about a flat course.

Well, I don't think I got a good c...

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