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Saturday, Dec 5 2009 - Christmas Season begins (cue dramatic music)

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Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. It makes me so happy when it's cold (CA cold, not Colorado cold) and festive. The downside to the season is that it's a time to eat, drink, and be merry. If you're trying to lose weight, it's a curse! I went to a Christmas Tea this morning, which was lovely. I think I did pretty well. I drank like 6 cups of tea, which made me full for some reason, so I didn't eat as much as I could have. When I got home, I went on a 50 minute walk, which was nice. I live right by an area called the Back Bay, which is around Newport where the bay comes inland a bit and there's an area to walk and stuff. It's a nature preserve and it's beautiful. I almost didn't do it, but I'm so glad I walked around, listening to a book on my Ipod. I'm studying for a few hours (since finals start Monday), then off to a Christmas party. I'm telling myself now that I'm going to be strong! I've been bad this week and going over my calorie target. Now, I'm determined to stay on track. So, my goal is to enjoy this Christmas season without overindulging. I'm going to be happy about the good things I have, not necessarily the good food I can eat. :blush4:

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8 years ago

i love your optimism! glad to see your doing well & best of luck with finals week! you'll be through with them soon (but not soon enough right?!)! oh and christmas decorations and 'holiday spirit' are my favorite :teeth1:




8 years ago

it is always harder during the holiday season. Good job on your walk and have fun at the party!

by KR1814