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Sunday, Jan 3 2010 - It's been a while...

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I hate when I can't sleep, especially on the weekends! For some reason, I felt the need to go to bed at like 8:30 last night and woke up at 3. So I've been downstairs watching tv since 3, Lifetime movies and all that. Thankfully, I did eat because I was starving, but didn't have the chips I wanted. I just had some tea and a piece of toast. I haven't been very good lately about keeping track of my calories, so one of my goals the next month is to get back in the habit! I need to be going to the gym too. I have a week left until school starts again. My last semester of school EVER, then I have the bar to look forward to! Yikes!!! I hope everyone is starting off January well!


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8 years ago

Good Luck with all the back to school jumble! Hope everything goes well!
Bummer to hear you werent able to sleep, maybe gym trips could help you sleep better. And with 'falling of the wagon' lately, I think many of us have! The holidays can be rough! There's food everywhere and it's hard to resist when everyone else is chowing down! But you can start new now and make the best of the future. I love Christmas and the holidays, but thankfully it only comes once a year - I couldn't handle all the food all year round!




8 years ago

Last semester of school! Congrats.

by JBK101