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Monday, December 28th 2015

My first post since August and I'm maintaining...we'll sort of...I hitched a ride on a 10 lb yo-yo. my life exoded with so many stressful things;

My husband tore his bicep tendon at work so we're jumping through the workers comp hoops.
I was cleared to drive in Oct but didn't dare cause I didn't quite feel like myself until the week before thanksgiving.
Then the first week of Dec my father-in-law suffered a stroke - thankfully he is recovering nicely with some PT. We lived with him fo...

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Monday, August 31st 2015

So I'm still standing, sort of... After the seizure I was feeling beat up, took three days to recover went to a painting party with my niece (that I promised two months ago that I would attend) only to wind up sick. I was out of work for another week with a sinus infection and bronchitis. Now everyone in my house is sick with a stomach virus of sorts and I'm bumming rides from coworkers to and from work.

I hate not being able to drive until I see the neurologist in October and get a thumbs...

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Friday, August 14th 2015

Good morning! I had another seizure Tuesday at work, my whole body is killing me; I'm bruised, sprained my ankle and bit my tongue pretty bad. I was worrying/stressing about a project that I wasn't given enough time to complete, I have to get the office set up, ISP, telecom, alarm systems, PItney Bowes and PC's. If I don't get the services brought in on time they can't open and loose money and well I'm a bit stressed over this because they forgot to tell me the anticipated move in date and only ...

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Monday, July 27th 2015

Hey all!

I'm still here, just got the last Lymes test results; negative, so that leaves us with stress as the probable cause. I'm told I need to keep my stress levels down and I'm trying all sorts of things, I even went for a hot stone massage but it was so incredibly painful I just don't know if it's for me. The massuess had 15 yrs experience and said I hold stress in my shoulders and base of my neck. As she pressed down and moved outwardly toward my shoulders I felt what could only be de...

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Sunday, July 12th 2015

Good morning,

All test results are in and normal, doctors say the seizure was stress but we are still waiting on a second Lymes test to be certain. I also received my medical release to go to the gym YAY!!! With the condition that I don't train until I have worked (slowly) my way back up to 1 hr of cardio so I know what I can handle...well duh!

So happy though, I called Elle and she wants to meet me at the gym and ride with me to keep an eye on me to make sure I don't over exert mysel...

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