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Chew on this!

Thursday, February 26th 2015

I don't get people, some people are so miserable they invent negative things about you to make themselves feel better..I guess. :evil:

I have never been a materialistic person, I could honestly be in a shack as long as it's clean, I have my family and we are healthy! I was torn down, accused of changing since my weight loss, of being stuck up and materialistic. I am so NOT that person, I don't wear designer labels (with the exception of my prescription Coach sunglasses), I drive an 8 yr old 4 do...

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Back in the saddle

Tuesday, February 24th 2015

I am happy to say that I went to the gym last night, did my bike, got my a$$ kicked by Elle in training and although it hurts to breathe today (cause she's that good at what she does) I feel alive and energized. I'm back in the saddle and ready to finish out the trail to a life of health and fitness.

She changed the routine...honestly I hate that word, cause there is nothing "routine" about it , the circuits are hard, physically or endurance demanding, depending on the move. I'm ...

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Monday, February 23rd 2015

Good morning. Itís been a rough weekend, so glad itís over. I went to see my brother who was in from NY, Friday night after work and ended up staying the night because it was too late to make the 70 minute drive back because I was getting tired. We had a great visit and I also got to see one of my sisters, my niece, great niece and great nephews and my great, great, nephew Logan. I had a great time but was exhausted, and left just in time to race against the coming snow, get to ShopRite and get ...

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Saturday, February 21st 2015

Good morning! I Went to see my brother last night, due to a vehicle fire on rt 18 it took me over two hours to get there and I ended up staying the night. My 4 month old great great nephew was there and I eneded up taking care of him so his daddy could cut loose a little and mommy had to get up early for work. I enjoyed him so much, made me miss my grandson all the more. He is such a good baby, he woke up at 3 am wet and hungry but only cried a little. He laughs, smiles, cops and does raspberri...

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Friday, February 20th 2015

Good morning and happy Friday! I'm back down to my pre-valentines day weight and feel much better. It's amazing to me how uncomfortable I was with just 3 lbs extra, it makes me wonder how I ever got as heavy as I used to be if just three pounds makes me feel bloated and bothers me now. I guess that's good and shows growth in my part.

I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks but I think I'm going to go tomorrow morning. Last night Elle had to cancel due to a death in her family and I could have...

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