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Sunday, May 13 2007 - It's All Greek to ME

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OK so yesterday turned into a bad day. After going to see the movie "Waitress," my husband jokingly said "He wanted pie" for dinner. We laughed and then agreed on Greek food. We headed to Tarrytown, NY where there is a Greek Restaurant that we heard good things about. We were nearby, so what the heck. How bad could that be, I asked myself. I will only have a little pita bread with just a little tzatziki sauce. I’ll just have a little Greek salad and just a little chicken souvlaki with a little rice...little smittle!!!The food was so good and I was so hungry. The only thing I had a little of was self control and Spinach Pie - I tasted my husband's--at least he got his "pie". Thinking I was ready for "a little" food in a great restaurant turned out to be a BIG mistake. Of course when we got home things went from bad to worse. Now I craved sweetness so I ate (2) 100 calorie bags of cookies, a weight watchers carrot cake (1 point, ha) and a 100 calorie pack of hostess cupcakes (the jury is still out on whether I can even have these things in the house. They need to come with special seals that can only be broken once a day!). Top that off with 2 cups of pistachio nuts and barely enough water for the day and I had one mess of a day....Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to go a week with out having one of these days. Should I consider this a binge? Don't know, but it wasn't a good thing. Oh well, I guess I will keep trying as today is a new day....Off to see my mom...another fun afternoon in Never Land....Ciao for now...:)

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