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Monday, May 14 2007 - It's an Up Hill Battle

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With my 53rd birthday just a few months away, I am experiencing the nightmare everyone warned me about 20 years ago--lose the weight now or it will be that much harder when you are older. Well I am older, and truer words have never been spoken. I am doing everything "by the book," following all the dos and don'ts of good eating and lifestyle habits most of the time and the weight is just trickling off. The days of losing 10 pounds a month are gone for me. I have to smile, because I have lost "10 pounds a month" for many many months over the years and I weigh more than I ever have before. Ah, that yo yo again. Now I will take any weight loss and be happy with it.

I have tried just about every diet and program there is. One time about 20 years ago, my mother and I joined a group called Think Thin. We used to hold hands and sing a song at the end of each meeting. It was a koombaya moment every week! Anyway, one song thatI will never forget was sung to the tune of "Glow Worm and went something like this (I kid you not): "Grow little fat girl, thinner thinner. Go without your dinner, dinner..." How I kept a straight face is beyond me. Thinking about those meetings and those songs always makes me laugh. The things we will do to lose weight...OK, just about anything!!!! Caio for now!!!!

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