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Thursday, May 17 2007 - Blog = My Journal

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I know no one is reading this, but that's OK. It's therapy for me. This combined with keeping track of everything I eat and moving my XXL butt every now and then has been a big help. It helps me stay focused and it helps me to stay positive. Rome wasn't built in a day and either was this body (although sometimes it certainly feels that way.

I am trying to lose weight for many reasons. I need to get my career back on track and don't feel that I put my best foot forward at my current weight. Maybe it's me projecting how bad I feel about my weight, but I am so self conscious of my appearance now. It's these last 20 pounds that have put me in the worse place. So my short term goal is to just get these 20 pounds off. Then I can start my job hunt in earnest and get my life back on track.

I have had several good days and feel positive. I have to remind myself that I won't lose weight like I used to. Slow and steady like a snail until my metabolism gets revved up again. I am sure waiting for the engine to start!!!!! Ciao until another day.... :)

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