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Thursday, May 24 2007 - Rosie

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I hate all of this with Rosie and The View. She is so unjustly portrayed by the media because she is so strong and opinionated. She is also a target because she is heavy (as she often says) and I guess I hate that the most. People are just rude and crude and think it is OK to make comments about someone's size.

As far as the politics go, I am with Rosie 100%. It is a shame that Elisabeth and all the other misguided Republicans give her such a hard time for speaking her mind and very often the truth. Pointing out that war is horrible, that mistakes have been made and that there are innocent people being killed in Iraq is a reflection and statement about our government, not about the thousands of good and brave soldiers fighting a war that is their duty and not necessarily their choice. Unfortunately, some of these soldiers may have seen or did things that they are not proud of either by orders, by mistake or worse by rage. The number of participants may be small, but that doesn’t diminish the horror or make it OK to ignore.

It saddens me to think that once you criticize or point out the horrors of this or any war, certain people will immediately label you as unpatriotic and non-supportive of the troops. For me personally, that is the furthest thing from the truth. I love my country and I support the troops 100%. That doesn’t mean I have to support an ill-planned, ill-fated and misguided invasion fought by brave men and women who so desperately deserve to come home. I thank God everyday that I live in a country where we all have the freedom to speak our minds, disagree with each other, agree with each other, point out things that we think are wrong with our government’s choices and praise them when they get something right. Hopefully they’ll get something right soon!

As for this current debacle, Rosie was completely let down by someone who claimed to be her friend. EH couldn't move away from politics and wouldn't answer the specific question about whether EH thought Rosie believed that the soldiers are terrorists. At that moment, the question was not about the war or politics, it was about friendship. I watched all the episodes leading up to yesterday's show and EH was very wrong and not much of a friend to Rosie. Rosie was misquoted and accused of saying something she didn’t say and asked her friend for support which she did not get.

Rosie has been a target for years because she speaks her mind and doesn't pull any punches. Ever since the Tom Selleck incident, which fueled the right wing fires, Rosie has been portrayed negatively, picked on relentlessly and had to deal with unprecedented scrutiny by the media. Even in this incident, the focus is on politics and Rosie, not on EH or the actual reason for the harsh exchange. EH was wrong not necessarily for her political views, but for her lack of integrity as a friend. True friends agree to disagree and then move on. But when a friend is misquoted or wrongly accused of saying or even thinking something, a loyal friend would support the other and come to his/her defense; shame on you EH for doing none of that. Instead, you stood on your soap box, thumped your chest and ignored the very personal question being posed. I don't blame Rosie for not coming back to The View. She deserves a long vacation but I will miss her. The View was a much better show with Rosie and I see a significant ratings drop in their future. Barbara needs to clean house now. The View will never have the dynamics of this past year again, but she has to start somewhere. Good luck Rosie and don’t let the fear mongers get you down. I will miss you on The View….

OK, I feel better. I also worked out my furstrations with a 55 minute workout today, so I am proud....:)

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