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Wednesday, May 30 2007 - my favorite things

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ice cream, it's no joke
vanilla not chocolate
actually any flavor will do...

amy winehouse,
try to make me go to rehab
i said no, no, no

brandi carlile..the story
all of these lines upon my face

rosie o'donnell
she speaks her heart
takes the heartbreak
lies she never said

waking up a pound lighter
no greater joy
ok, maybe ice cream
perhaps just a little less today

a baby's coo
coo coo ca choo
so sweet, so innocent
music to my ears

smiles, laugher and friends
together we are invincible
the journey we take together
cheering each other on

doing nothing, just thinking
vegging out once in awhile
it's ok the world will be there
tomorrow..yes it will.

my husband, takes me as I am
holds my heart
gives me joy
doesn't judge
i love him

now, i start to love myself....

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a decade ago

:wave1: I hope you are having a good day....Yes it is very important to love yourself...because you are number one.:)....