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Tuesday, Jun 26 2007 - falling down

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when I was small
and skinned a knee
my hero would come
and rescue me

she’d hug me
and hold me
and dry all my tears
she’d feed me
and bathe me
and calm all my fears

she made me feel
like the queen of france
she listen to my music
and at night,
we would dance

she was there
to pick me up
whenever I’d fall
she loved her kids
nothing else mattered
at all

delusions of a childhood
a picture that i paint
my mom wasn’t an angel
and far from a saint

everything wasn’t rosie
and life was very tough
with 2 handicapped brothers
there was just never enough

not time and not love
for all of us to share
she was sad and unhappy
just so much to bear

we should have been closer
instead we were far apart
but when lenny died 7 years ago
it surely broke our hearts

it was never easy
to love in our home
i grew up a stranger
i grew up alone

for all she had to deal with
she never really cried
but she never smiled either
although i think she tried

she was simply overwhelmed
by the weight of her love
to care for my brothers
and still rise above

i used to feel slighted
i thought it was my right
to live in the childhood
i dreamed of each night

but as an adult
I can see through her eyes
she was given a burden
many couldn’t survive

and now she is in trouble
her mind is going fast
i have to be there for her
and leave my anger in the past

a stroke, dementia
all taking their toll
on a women who gave much
all her heart
all her soul

she sacrificed happiness
perhaps ours too
just to be strong for the family
so I guess we really never knew

that she did love us fiercely
and she gave all she had
to keep on going
despite feeling so sad

so I lift her up now
every chance I can
it’s the least I can do
as she nears the end

i hug her
and hold her
and dry all her tears
i feed her
and bathe her
and calm all her fears

it’s me who is strong now
with feet firmly on the ground
and it’s me holding mom up
as she is falling down

despite everything mom
i love you

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a decade ago

what can I say except I hope you find healing and happiness in the days ahead. Life isn't fair but we deal with it and move on. Keep on writing...it is so beautiful to read. Peace be with you. Sue




a decade ago

Wow Grace...so beautiful! And what a gift you are able to give her....loving her in the way you wanted to be loved. God bless you. :love:




a decade ago

I had a handicapped brother and understand some of the trials of sharing that kind of a mother's love throughout childhood. Blessings to you! I hope all is well and you didn't give up! Praying for you!
:kiss: :heart2:




a decade ago

Grace, you did it again. This is so beautiful and speak volumes about you as a person. You have HEART. Your mother did something right, didn't she. Look at who you are....a loving daughter who is taking the time to understand, forgive, and love. :kiss: Her life is blessed with you in it.




a decade ago

:kiss: to a wonderful daughter. Love is about giving after all is said and done, isn't it. :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago

:wave1: You truly are a wonderful daughter. I hope you enjoy your day. :)




a decade ago

Hugs to you Grace: (((( :love:Grace:love: ))))!!! Even though your heart must be so heavy right now, trust that this is a special time that will unite you to your mother for all eternity because that is what full-circles do in life :kiss:. . . . Take very special care of yourself, dear heart :love:! Love you and admire you, Kristen :kiss:



a decade ago

Even though it has been a rough road for you, this process of letting go and giving will heal you and carry you the rest of your life. Enjoy these last moments with your mom.




a decade ago

:wave1: You are a wonderful daughter..:love:..I know your mom appricates it even though she can not tell you so.....Have a great day...You are so very special...:)