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Thursday, Jun 28 2007 - season of change

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today I am presenting my modest attempt at a haiku. a haiku is a form of japanese poetry with 17 syllables in three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. traditionally a haiku is used to describe nature or a point in time. it is also often used to describe a season. so i tried to use it to describe what i call my season of change. the result is a series of haikus that describe my weight loss journey, i think. i have never been one to follow rules, so this was difficult for me. i tried not to let the form become more important than the substance. i don't know whether i succeeded or not. as far as i am concerned, the jury is still out. i will probably be back to read and change this 10 times...or i will just leave it be and try again another day. that is life and this weight loss journey i guess.

i hope you are all having a wonderful today. if not, remember tomorrow is another day.

season of change

on the long road to
a healthier me i see
the darkness and light

people on my side
others who don’t understand
what this means to me

challenges to face
the road twists and i am lost
but no turning back

changes allude me
come way too slowly it seems
the virtue patience

it is a journey
not a short walk in the park
a stroll without end

so it seems some days
that i just will not last long
so easy to give up

the bird sings her song
but it is my voice i hear
calling out for help

give me faith and hope
take my hand and guide me to
the light makes me strong

i am not certain
of the strength i have within
so i pray each night

the power is me
i have to believe it so
i do what i must

to keep the dream safe
to follow the road to joy
to make peace with me

so darkness and light
two sides that challenge my course
i must choose wisely

and listen to the light
that will bring me what i need
to follow my heart

a healthier me
the butterfly free at last
and i sing and dance

on the long road
to a me that is healthy
the darkness is gone

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a decade ago

You are a wonderful poet Grace. Keep on expressing yourself! :heart1:




a decade ago





a decade ago

Wow!, Grace, that was truly outstanding :clap:!!! You really have a magic for words, and an insight that runs through the depths of humanity's wisdoms :inlove1:!!! Grace, you inspire me with your strength, your courage, your love, your wisdom, your grace; and I stand in both awe and gratitude that I get the opportunity to walk along this journey with you and share it with you :love: :love: :love:. . . . You are doing wonderful things for yourself (most importantly :thumbu2: ) and you are also doing wonderful things for those of us who share this journey with you (a major perk for the rest of us :love: )! In short: Love ya lots and admire you always, Kristen :heart1:



a decade ago

Beautiful :love:




a decade ago

Just wanted to say -
You're blog really makes my day -
And makes a bright spot (My sad attempt at a Haiku!) :love:




a decade ago

You truly have a gift, that is beautiful...and voices what so many of us can't. Thank you for sharing! :)




a decade ago

:y: I love it. I really believe the road to recovery is in expression -- so many of us stuff our feelings - lots of times with food. I've found that with myself, anyway. Not everyone is good at expressing themselves verbally (I'm trying to get better) but do better with words on paper. It's really nice to be able to be "heard" here at CK with the written word. :) Grace, I live in Cranston! --the western part of the city, near the Cranston Golf Course.

by BUN201



a decade ago

:wave1: I really like it the way it is. I'm glad you found you could order Schwan's food where you live. My favorite item from them is their light Chicken Marco Polo. But so far all of the products I've bought we really like. I sure hope you enjoy them, too. Hope you had a great day! :)




a decade ago

I would not change one word. I love it just the way it is. You have a gift for putting into words what so many feel. Thank you for sharing this gift with us.