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Friday, Jun 29 2007 - it never gets old

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every voice
needs to be heard
every piece of advice
needs to be shared
because this journey
comes in all shapes
and sizes
and is different
for each and every one of us

my advice
may not mean much
to most people
but there is someone
out there
who may try a little harder
because of something
i say today
and that’s all I need
to make it worthwhile

my suggestions
may fall on deaf ears
most of the time
but that one time,
that one time
when someone
opens their eyes
in wonder
in awe
because i woke them up
well, then i am encouraged
and will write
another day

my shoulder
may not get leaned on
every single day
but when the day comes
and you need it,
it will be here
waiting to comfort
and share your burden
if you want me to

my beliefs
may not be shared
by everyone
but i say them
because i have a right
to be heard
and if you have
something to say
i will always listen
you have the same
right too

my recipes
for success
may not be anyone else’s
but i share them
a good chef
can make any recipe
their own
and well,
we are all chefs
in our own kitchens

my happiness
may not rub off
on everyone
but I spread my joy
because one tiny smile,
one kind word
is all i will need
to know it is OK
to write
another day

it never gets old
this sharing
of ideas,
tricks of the trade
some day
your words
do make a difference to me
and some days
you do enlighten me
but most of all
every day
you inspire me
to keep trying
to shape my words
into the stories
that may make a difference
in someone's journey

a journey
we take together

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a decade ago

Thanks Grace. I have been in 'lurking" mode the last couple of days and really not feeling like being involved. But you are so right at how much we need and affect each other.




a decade ago

What a beautiful poem. You are so right. Being different, having different ideas, etc., is what makes this place so great, just for the reasons you express in your poem. :) Congratulations on the weight loss. :clap: And, thank you for your comments on my blog, but I have to make a correction: my before picture is me at my goal weight in 1978 - to show myself that I CAN do this. I tried putting it on my desk, but between the paper shuffling and little grandsons it kept getting lost. So on my page I have to see it every day, and it does help. Now, I'm going to have to check out your thread! :love: Hope you have a great weekend!

by BUN201



a decade ago

:hi: thank you for always inspiring me to continue on this journey. Whether it is here through your words or the comments on my blog. It sure makes this journey so much easier, knowing that someone else is there with me. Have a great weekend. :)




a decade ago

:hi: Grace~ This one brought soft tears to my eyes :love:. . . . Every soul needs a place to be heard, understood, and appreciated. . . . You are a special soul Grace, one who brings such noble grace and honor to the title "Woman" and I am daily astounded at what you give and I wonder where your source comes from(?!). You have the kind of depth of love mingled with wisdom that I work daily, year after year, to someday hope to achieve :love:!!! This isn't the first time you have brought tears to my eyes because you just have this well inside of you that is connected to something so deep and so human that I can only imagine that it is the same source from which all ancient mythology springs from. You, my lovely woman, have stories in you that need to be said and then need to be taken, assimulated, and passed on--you are like an ancient village Chief-ess here--and all I can do is stay close, watch, and feel where you are coming from. Sometimes I worry about you Grace--I worry that you are giving too much and that it will backfire--but I trust your wisdom and your connection with your Woman intuition . . . but I sometimes worry about your journey in how much you give and give daily. . . . This has kind of been a messy comment, but it was said with the highest of honor in respect and love to and for you :love:. . . . I hope that you can feel the space I am coming from and how filled up I am of faith and support for you and your journey!!! You have won my heart and my respect Grace, and I will walk this journey with you as long you will have me :love:. . . . Just promise me that you will ALWAYS be good to Grace before you are good to everyone else, okay? You are truly priceless Grace and my heart is so swollen with love for you and beaming with pride in your journey. . . . Keep your heart strong and keep your health going in this direction :love: :thumbu2: :love:. . . . Sorry for how messy this turned out, but I feel that loving truth, even when messy, is truth worth being shared raw! Love ya and with ya all the way, Kristen :thumbu2:



a decade ago

Here's to the bonding and sharing at CK :y: Congrats on your first 10 pounds gone. Awesome. :kiss:




a decade ago

:wave1: Thank you for this and also the forum thread you started tonight...You did not say it here....but way to go on the 2 pounds lost this week...:clap::clap:...Have a great weekend...:)