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at the party

Monday, June 25th 2007

at the party
i sat in my chair
and watched
all the people go by
eating hot dogs
and burgers
and key lime pie

at the party
i wasnít tempted
by the cold buffet
chicken salad
and cheese dips
i passed by each tray

not a cold one
a brewski
or a glass of chablis
no, i didnít indulge
i simply enjoyed
the good company

but like a sore thumb
i still stuck out
as the heaviest one there
without a doubt

i only knew the host
and one other couple

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chocolate beware

Saturday, June 23rd 2007

i like a treat
every now and then
a little chocolate
is never a sin

i enjoy a chip
a nut or a fry
some rocky road
or blueberry pie

iíll pass by the salad
and unsweetened tea
just to taste that lemon cake
yes, it is calling to me

a glass of merlot
or a nice cold beer
makes a meal complete
a few times a year

iím not asking for much
just every once in awhile
a cheesecake, new york style
would sure make me smile

not out of control
and not ...

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a slight change of pace for me

Friday, June 22nd 2007

good morning my ck friends,

i have decided to take a short break from my "poetry" blogging. i struggled the past couple of days to come up with something unique to write about. yesterday wasn't a home run, but i liked it. however, i don't want to try and force the words out every morning. one thing is a constant is that they do come from my heart and hopefully reflect the struggle we share in this weight loss battle. i promise i'll be back next week.

meanwhile, i had a su...

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observations on broccoli

Thursday, June 21st 2007

the other day
my niece
being tortured by
the broccoli on her plate
asked me why broccoli
didnít taste like ice cream
because if it did
she would eat it all
this astute child
with the inquisitive mind
even took it one step further
by saying
if all vegetables tasted like ice cream
everyone would eat a lot more
how wise of her

first, I laughed
and wholeheartedly agreed
with her observations
on broccoli
and all things green
but then I told her
life would...

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Wednesday, June 20th 2007

they donít lie
but they can fool you
especially when you
are alone
at home

itís there
where we see
what we want to see
not what is really there
itís alone
when we see our profile
and think
well thatís not too bad
and for the moment
we believe
itís ok to be this size

and then we go out
it doesnít matter where
just anywhere
where a mirror
a window perhaps
reflects our image
and we see what
everyone else can see
and itís n...

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