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Sunday, Jul 1 2007 - renovations

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our house
has been under renovations
for about 5 years
there is always
to add
to fix
to remove
as we attempt to change
a 90 year old house
into a
twenty first century home

we tried
to keep its charm
country chic
in a
manhattan suburb
but ultimately
we had to gut everything
get inside
and repair
and i mean everything

but still it looks cute
our little dutch colonial
with the expanded kitchen
master suite
the new den, fireplace
and deck
two baths and closets
now, lots of closets
i am exhausted
thinking about all we have done
and still there’s more work
for tomorrow
and the day after

the value is up
way up
and while we enjoy
our home now
someday we will
reap even more rewards
of all the money spent
and the hours devoted
to the project
that feels like
it will never end

it seems i have been
under renovation
my entire life too
always trying to
out with the old
in with the new
color my hair
paint my nails
a massage
every now and then
i love that
really I do

and of course
i’ve tried
to loss weight
again and again
and i always lose some
but just never enough
to increase
my market value
improve my health
last a lifetime
and so once again
i have fallen
into disarray
and i am in desperate need
of repairs

this time
i am aiming for
permanent improvement
I am risking
far too much if i don’t
i have to get to a place
where i don’t look back
where i feel strong
and look good
one final renovation
when my house
becomes my home
stately, proud,
a place where i can live

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a decade ago

Your market value is just fine! But, for health reasons,--now that is a worthy goal. :love: My last house was a Dutch Colonial, brick outside on the bottom. I loved it but it was too big for me by myself. It was built in the 1930's and the quality it had cannot be duplicated today without a lot of expense. Even the bathroom tile, which is back in style now (black and white check) was in 100% excellent condition. My first house--that we gutted-- was older than the town records - the bathroom was an addition on the house! It had a stove in the living room, and two bedrooms upstairs, and the rest of the house (kitchen, dining, family room) were all additions. I now own half the raised ranch we live in with my daughter/SIL - they live upstairs and I have this beautifully finished downstairs - lots of windows, very bright. And it's a win/win situation for all of us. :) I got to retire from a stressful nursing career and spend time with my grand children and watercolor painting/classes, and they get a built in babysitter! :) I'm with you on the permanent improvement, this time! :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago

:hi: It sounds like your home is a wonderful place full of beauty. :) I'm sure with all your hard work that the journey to good health will be a fantastic success. I hope you are having a great day. :)




a decade ago

:hi: Grace~ Here's to making our bodies a healthy, happy, and safe place to live within :thumbu2:!!! In it with ya All The Way :thumbu2:, Kristen



a decade ago

:wave1: I bet your home is beautiful....I only had two people tell me how to upload a picture..but I still could not do it...Glad you are having good weather....:)