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Tuesday, Jul 24 2007 - mentor, friend, teacher

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there are people
you meet in life
who have a profound
influence on you
and sometimes
they don't even know it
some come and go
but still you
remember them
with love
and gratitude

sister ann
my chemistry teacher
in high school
she adored me
she saw talent
she saw a troubled kid
in a difficult home
she made some terrible years
so tolerable
she became my friend
and was beautiful
and special
i will
never forget
her kind heart
and nurturing way

kay howard
my mentor
at citibank
a warton school graduate
quirky kay
she pushed me
and challenged me
every day
she would make me
rewrite other
people's reports
more senior than me
who couldn't write
their way out of a paper bag
i wonder if they realized
that i always fixed their work
thank you kay
because of you
my career flourished
and i achieved
what i did in
corporate america

roger squire
a writer
if there ever was one
he embraced my talent
and we worked together
for many years
a great boss
a terrific friend
we laughed for hours
and still worked hard
producing amazing words
for our customers
i miss those days,
really i do

robert enoch
oh how i love robert
sure we butted heads
but he listened to my ideas
and very often
we did things my way
because he wasn't a boss
who thought
he was always right
he brought me with him
as his career grew
to a new company
championing me
like no one else before
and we both achieved
before we were done
my colleague,
my friend,
i owe you
more than you know

marianne, cathy
mary, gail,
peter, andrew
the fifty chicks
deep, wonderful
each of you
a piece of my life
who share my joys
and my tears
the memories we have
are countless
the love we know
is boundless
my life would
be meaningless
without all of you
i mean that,
really, i do

my love
we met late in life
just when i
was about to give up
stop believing
that my heart
would ever belong
to someone else
and then
you came along
and there was
no turning back
our fates sealed
November 22, 2000
a quiet thanksgiving eve
on a bitter cold
manhattan street
we met
and i wasn't cold
and i knew
my search was over
i don't remember
a life before you
though I know i lived
but together,
i am alive
i love you

there will be others
to come i’m sure
who knows when
who knows where
perhaps even here
there may be a bond
a permanent bond
that changes
the course of
my life
maybe it
has already
as a whole
i don't think
i could do this alone

really, i don't think
any of us can
or we wouldn't be here
reading blogs,
writing journals,
sharing success,
seeking advice,
baring our souls
from each other
i need this
to keep me
and always ready
to face another day
thank you

"Hey my friend,
I see your eyes are troubled,
care to share your time with me?"
- Dave Matthews Band

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10 comments so far.


a decade ago

Hi Grace,
I am grateful to have met you through ck. Your insights and inspiring messages help me feel connected to you and others at ck. Thanks!



a decade ago

Beautiful, Grace. It made me think about a few in my life for which I'm grateful. We don't do this thing alone. :) :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago

Jim McKeown.... who I only knew for a few short months before he ended his own life in May 2003. Who, by doing so- taught me an awful lot about myself that I didn't even realize, and who left people to inform me that I was his best friend (and I didn't even know it) :(




a decade ago

:wave1: That is really a beautiful tribute to friends in your life. I love the part about meeting Ralph. I've been with Terry so long (over 25 years) I don't remember a time when he wasn't in my life.

Yes, I'm reading the last Harry Potter book. To be honest I wasn't a fan until after I saw the first movie. We were looking for something to watch one night and we stumbled upon the first Potter movie. I enjoyed it so much that I went looking for the book. LOL! And now I'm hooked. Hope you are having a great day. :)




a decade ago

What a wonderful entry to remind us of all the great people that have crossed our paths! Thx for sharing. Sue




a decade ago

Grace ,love the pic. I have been w/ my hubby for 15 years and I could never ever see myself w/o him. We promised it would be forever:)




a decade ago

I am vicariously comforted by your feelings of devotion to others. I think this is a person who is kind and remembers those that have helped her along the way.
Your relationship with Ralph is a miracle according to all the BS that is being written about women who are over 40. Statistics are just that.

Have a good day.

by RSW



a decade ago

Grace! ok I got a little verklempt this time... ! hahah :) You just have a way with words. I loved the part about where you met Ralph. What a sweet love story. I treasure my friends and loved ones - they are the champions of my life. I only hope I can be the same for them. Thanks for reminding me of that.




a decade ago

As always beautiful!




a decade ago

Grace you are one talented LADY--I love to read your blog sometimes it makes me smile and sometimes it makes me cry. I don't know you but you seem like one awesome woman. Hope you have a wonderful evening. :)