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Thursday, Jul 26 2007 - my passions

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my passions

i am a passionate person
i have strong beliefs
and i have even
stronger desires
i give with gusto
i share without reservation
i enjoy every day I have
i live

and so it is
i have many passions
i love music
all kinds, really
i love to sing
out loud
and i don’t
care who hears me
"passionate kisses"
a song
i love
if you don’t know it
listen to it
and dance to it
and sing your heart out
it is my anthem
and i think it could be yours
because we all
deserve nothing less

i love theatre
the nuances of a play
a well acted scene
that takes me away
to wherever they are
and for awhile
i am their happy prisoner
captured by their words
the actors
full of passion themselves
immersing in characters
to sweep us away
while telling their tale
and we are there too
on the stage
for all the world
to enjoy

i am charmed by words
the cadence of a poem
the picture painted
eloquently in verse
some to be read aloud
enthusiastically, boldly
with bravado
the message
loud and clear
and must be shared
with all
who will listen

other words
are meant
to be read quietly,
in solitude
perhaps many times
until the meaning
buried deep within
reveals itself
and suddenly
the tears
run freely
and i understand
at last,
i understand

i love my husband
he is my passion
the only passion
i really ever knew
and when
we exchanged
our vows
it was with
complete abandon
and utter truth
because there
is no one else
and there
never will be another
he is my heart
and i am his

and now my new passion
this wonderful journey
that we share
i am serious
about every step
i take
to lose weight
and get healthy
i think about
to be sure
i am doing the right thing
to stay passionate
about all i am doing
for a very long time
because it is a journey
that should never end
and i won’t let it

it is good to have them
it is good to feel them
they are good to share

The passion rebuilds the world for the youth.
It makes all things alive and significant. Ralph Waldo Emerson

the photo – the happiest day of my life

notes: i won't have much computer time today. my friends from li are coming up for dinner and i am way behind in my preparations. plus it's hair day, so i have to be out of the house by 11:00 am. i know that's not early, but considering that i didn't get to bed until 2:30 am and that i woke up before 9:00 well that makes grace a sleepy camper :) i am also going to leave with the girls tonight and will be staying at marianne's until saturday. it is her daughter's graduation party on saturday. yea elisabeth!!! if i wait for ralph's plane (he's coming home on sat.) we wouldn't get out to the party until after 7:00 pm and it is called for 3:00 pm. by leaving tonight with mare, ralph can get to the party at his own pace and we'll only have one car instead of 2. works for me, but it does mean i have more to do in a shorter amount of time.

i will try to get on line later today. i'll be thinking about you all!

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12 comments so far.


a decade ago

Grace, your wedding picture is so beautiful and your "passion" for each other shines through. Only a passionate person could write the way you do. Each one touches me and moves me. Today's was beautiful. Your love of life comes out loud and clear.




a decade ago

What a beautiful picture. :love: And what a beautiful poem. We are lucky to know you, Grace. :kiss: Have a good time! :)

by BUN201



a decade ago

Lovely wedding photo :)




a decade ago

What beautiful prose! Your pictures are are also wonderful. Sounds like this weekend will be great with a friends, a party and your wonderful hubby coming home! Lucky couple to be so in love!




a decade ago

Is that your wedding photo??? :hi: - I'm also curious to see where in the list of comments this one will show up! They don't seem to be posting in order tonight & it's one of those stupid things I'm finding fascinating! LOL Currently there's 9 other comments, so mine SHOULD be 10th! :P




a decade ago

:wave1: Your words again today are awesome...Your wedding picture is beautiful...You both look so very happy...You are a beautiful lady inside and out....Hope you have a great time with your friends...:)




a decade ago

Hi Grace :wave1: I love today's poem - I don't know how you do it every day. You should publish some of these! Beautiful wedding photo... have a great time with your friends tonight & this weekend! :)




a decade ago

:hi: That sure is a beautiful picture. You made a very pretty bride. :) Oh, I'm not the only one around here that doesn't see bed until around 3 am. :D I hope you have a great time at the graduation party and a good time with your friends. :) Patti




a decade ago

Hi Grace,

That's a beautiful wedding picture. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I know you have missed Ralph and are so glad he's coming home soon. I feel your conviction for living life to the fullest and for weight loss, I have no doubt that you will succeed.:)



a decade ago

What a beautiful picture. I feel the same way about my hb! It was the happiest day for me too!!! Enjoy your time with your friends and have a wonderful wknd. Sue




a decade ago

You bring out the imp in me. I almost wrote a limerick...Here comes the bride all dressed in white. BUT I stopped , because your poem is warm and oozes love. I could not joke about such deep feelings. especially when there are so many people who are shallow of feeling and shallow of mind.
We are all lucky to know you.'wave1"

by RSW



a decade ago

Grace what a beautiful picture. He is one lucky man :) Have a good day.