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Saturday, Jul 28 2007 - a funny thing happened ...

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greetings everyone!

i am too hot to think of a theme for today and i don't even have enough time to write a long blog. i just wanted to share a funny story with you, so there wouldn't be an empty day in my blog...:) I am fussy that way...:)

my friend michael (marianne's husband) is one of the funniest people i know...he has a sharp sense of humor and can say and do the most hilarious things and doesn't even know it. he is a home contractor (he would be doing the work at my house, but they don't live near me). like my contractor, all his clients love him. yesterday, he was finishing up at a house trying to get home early to do several errands for marianne. most of his customer are always offering him food and evidently friday was no exception. when he got home, he was a bit irritable and said his stomach was acting up (a.k.a he had gas :laugh5: )

off marianne and michael go to costco and the liquor store. by the time they were done, michael's tummy is really acting up. marianne said he was like a duck in the store. we were laughing hysterically which michael didn't appreciate as he took out a yogurt from the fridge (hoping that would settle his stomach.) as he was eating he said to me " i don't know what is wrong with me. i was so hungry this morning, even after breakfast. my customer was packing the camp bags for her kids and i mentioned i was hungry and she said here take a couple of bars." well as soon as he said that my ears perked up and i asked him what kind of bars. he said that he didn't know. he was just so hungry he ate one right away. he thought it said 35% something on the package. after my quasi-spanish inquisition about the bar i couldn't stop laughing because i realzied he must have eaten a fiber-one bar! i described the package to him further and we concluded that's exactly what it was. to make matters worse, she had given him 2 of them. he still had the second one in his truck! we died laughing thinking about how bad he would have been had he eaten both of them. then we imagined those kids eating fiber-one bars at camp. we thought they would be mighty entertaining in the pool!!!

at least he felt better knowing he wasn't getting sick, but boy did we laugh. we are still laughing about it today. you know how entertaining bodily functions can be. :laugh5:

i am being summoned to the shower. it's my turn. have a splendid day and beware of strangers offering fiber-one bars!!!

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a decade ago

Oh, those Fiber One bars! :laugh5: I still :love: them, though! :)




a decade ago

Continue with that wonderful weekend and enjoying your friends. :kiss:




a decade ago

Too funny!!! Got to love the fiber ones! Glad you are having a great weekend!




a decade ago

:wave1: Grace,

Sounds like you are having a great weekend. It's fun to get tickled about something and not be able to stop laughing. I wanted to try the fiber one bars but now I'm not so sure.



a decade ago

:hi: Love the story. Poor guy. Like big gramma I've never had the trouble when eating them either. I guess we are lucky in that. Hope you are having a great time. Enjoy your day. :)




a decade ago

:wave1: Love your story about the Fiber One bars..I just bought some this morning..I eat two a day when I have them..Not at the same time...I have never had the problem everyone talks about...I must just be very lucky...Have a great day.:)