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Sunday, Jul 29 2007 - a feast at the table of strength

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another success
i am so proud
surrounded by
food and drinks
for 48 hours
and i stayed 100%
on plan

a new me
it seems
is emerging
i don't think
about how much
i can eat anymore
i think about
what i need to eat
for nourishment
to have fun
and participate
just enough
instead of
way over the top
and that's exactly
what i did

sure, i ate a bit
over my limit
but not much
and not much more
than i would
possibly do
on a day
a weekend
without a grand celebration
such as this
sure the calorie mix
wasn't exactly stellar
my one sangria
sugary, sweet sangria
took care of that
but mostly,
water was my best friend
and i made
all healthy choices
eating from the buffet
without loading up my plate
10 times over

i even
enjoyed dessert
just a bit
3 cookies
and a bowl of fruit
from a selection
that would put
the most
spectacular wedding
viennese table
to shame,
but i looked
and admired
from a distance
and without
feeling deprived
or wanting more
i ate my choices
and savored every bite

there was a woman there
michael's brother's wife
she lost 75 pounds
with weight watcher's
and she looked good
not great
because her personality
limits how nice she can look
in most of our eyes
but still, i complimented her
on her efforts
and she was cordial
and thanked me back
i dreamed
of the one day
being in her shoes
with my weight loss
behind me
and i smiled to myself
knowing that day
really could be mine
because now,
i can see it
and taste it
and feel its existence
in my future
and it is wonderful

it was hot
and humid
and sticky
my hair curled up
like a leprechaun's toes
and there was no fighting it
so i just let it go
we had fans blowing
to cool the tent
and the backyard
and the bartender
and every once in awhile
you could sneak inside
for a burst of cool air
and that was all
you needed
to go back
and face
mother nature's sauna
because that is exactly
what it felt like

but no one minded
the thickness of the day's air
because it was
such a joyous day
and we love to
be together
and as for me
well, all i noticed
were my clothes,
that fit just right
my breathing,
that wasn't labored and short
and my comfort
because the heat
didn't exhaust me
for the first time
in many, many years
so for all i knew,
it was 75 degrees
instead of 95
and the day
just flew by

yes another day of pride
for me
another battle
fought and won
another step closer
to the ultimate prize
because the party,
it wasn't just
a war zone
full of landmines
but a gathering of friends
to love and mingle with
and i didn't have to run amuck
and lose sight of my goals
in order to have fun
because the laughter
and socializing didn't come
at the price of commitment
and the buffet
was not just a temptation
i needed to resist

the decision
to not let food
rule the way i live
and control my every thought
made this party
another sweet luscious victory
for me to share
and i am full of lilt
this morning
as i share my tale
and feel confident
that i can face any challenge
any temptation
and still
keep my head held high
and i am at peace
for once in my life
yes, that is where i am

i plan to stay here for awhile.
please join me at this wonderful feast
of strength, confidence and belief
in the power of one, together.

the picture: here is a picture of me with the graduate; lovely elisabeth, who i adore and admire. as she graduates college i am so full of love and hope for her successful career and boundless happiness in all she does.

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a decade ago

What a great pic of you two! You can see the love in both of you. Glad you had a wonderful wknd. It's true that after a while you start to think differently about food. There are times that greasy, fried food actually disgusts me! Have a good week and enjoy this feeling.





a decade ago

Hi, Grace,
What an inspirational piece today! Thank you!
"the decision
to not let food
rule the way i live
and control my every thought..." How true that line is! What an achievement!
Have a great day!:)




a decade ago

"and she looked good
not great
because her personality
limits how nice she can look" - this line just cracked me up.....it is a classic! I'm so glad you had a great weekend. It sounds like such fun and you sound so confident. I never realized that I wasn't enjoying events as much as I could until I go now and have the kind of experience that you had. Sweet victory! That is the goal that we all have.




a decade ago

She is beautiful and so are you. Wow, down 25 pounds! Congrats Grace.




a decade ago

:clap::clap::clap: Kudos for staying with your plan. What a great job!




a decade ago

:hi: :clap: :clap: For staying 100% on plan at the party. You are doing terrific. I love the picture. You both look so happy. I know what you mean about the hunidity. I'll be glad to see it break. Once again your writing reminds and inspires me to keep going on this healthy journey. :) Patti




a decade ago

Hi Grace,
Rona did not do as well as You did. I had unpricipled eating. It was my first time. Oh, I just spoke of myself in the 3rd person.

I am glad that your party was a success. I am so glad that you came out unscathed in the food department.

by RSW



a decade ago

:wave1: Grace,
I love what you wrote today. I draw strength from it. What a great picture of you and Elisabeth. I am glad your weekend was full of fun and friends.



a decade ago

:wave1: Great job staying 100% on plan..:thumbu2:..You are doing such an awesome job....What a beautiful picture of two beautiful ladies...I know you are having a very Blessed Sunday.:)