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autumn in july

Saturday, July 21st 2007

i woke up early today
earlier than i have
in months
ok, i had to take Ralph
and his friends to the airport
(off to michigan for their
annual golf trip)
but still i was up and out by 6:00 am

it's different at this hour
especially on saturdays
we were at the airport in 20 minutes
and i was home before 7:00 am
ready to face the day
really, i was ready

on the drive home
i noticed the morning people
you know the ones
out for their walks
riding their bikes

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my new mantra

Friday, July 20th 2007

i am down another pound this week and i am happy about that. i am losing weight at a good pace now and feel more motivated than i did when i started.

but i read phatgnat's blog this morning and it it "got me thinking" (a dangerous thing indeed) :) . it is a short and bittersweet entry as she laments how difficult it is to do this day in and day out. i know we all feel that way sometimes because we put so much pressure on ourselves to never make a mistake. and when we do make a m...

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too many want to be too thin

Thursday, July 19th 2007

i can't take it anymore
and i am sorry if this
sounds harsh
but i absolutely have
no sympathy
for someone trying to lose
15 pounds to be thinner
than they already are

i see a thread
in a forum
the title sounds interesting
and then bam
there it is
someone talking about
losing 15 pounds
and they don't need to
no way, no how
they absolutely don't
and it kills me
it really does

if you want to eat better
that's a good thing
if you want to tone your b...

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opportunities always look bigger after they have passed

Wednesday, July 18th 2007

i haven't used this blog to recommend a particular product and i am not going to make it a habit. but i just received an item that i ordered from qvc (i am a qvc queen and i admit it) and i think it is a "got to have it" kind of thing especially if you use a lot of frozen bagged vegetables. it is a battery operated bag sealer and it works like a charm. there are a couple of naysayer reviews posted on the qvc website, but i just think these folks are too impatient and perhaps have a ...

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a woman in motion

Tuesday, July 17th 2007

sometimes i wonder how i am ever going to keep coming up with new things to write about. i don't want to sound like a broken record and repeat the same old same old. but then i think back to something i wrote a few weeks ago about how we often need to hear the same message but just hear it said differently. and perhaps that 100th time we hear something is the time when it finally hits home. apparently, that time is different for each and every one of us. with that in mind i have decided th...

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