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Sunday, Aug 26 2007 - a blur of a day

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yesterday was the first day since memorial day that i didn't completely log my food. it was such a long, blur of a day that i couldn't tell you what i did or didn't eat. i definitely went off program but not too badly, just enough to make it not worth remembering. it ended with a "forced" tequila shot with marianne, her daughter and her friends after the party. ralph, mare's husband and a few other folks were patiently (dare i say impatiently) waiting outside for the 50 year old and company to finish their shots!!! i couldn't tell you the last time i did a shot of tequila! it went down hard!!! i'll say it was worth it because i didn't drink much of anything other than water the whole day, laughed my A$$ off with good friends and still feel great this morning. I am already planning my perfect day calorie wise so no harm done.

as for my niece's shower, it was beautiful and elegant -- the complete opposite of marianne's surprise party which was wild and fun. i'll try to cover both quickly. my niece knew all about the shower, so that was a bit different. she just walked in to the lobby of the country club and a dozen or so people were just milling around saying their hellos. she looked beautiful though. she wore a gorgeous pink dress with a balloon hemline and she was glowing from head to toe. the food was wonderfully tasty and surprisingly plentiful for a country club. the desserts kept coming! i commented (tongue-in-cheek) to my sister-in-law that only she would have 3 courses of dessert!! we laughed, but she said that since they wouldn't come down on the price per person for the luncheon (which i am guessing did not come cheaply)they threw in a lot of extras after the outrageous cake. first there was a sorbet parfait with whipped cream and berries, then placed on each table were two platters; one of chocolate covered fruit and the other filled with large bakery style cookies (think Otis Spunkmeyer if you are familiar with those cookies!). My other niece was headed back to school immediately after the shower. so my sister asked one of the wait staff if she could take some of the leftovers on the table home with her. she graciously packed up 2 large containers for my sister because there was that much left on our tables!!! my sister-in-law took the rest back to the house after the shower. it was a food fest -- but it always is with my family.

Marianne's shower was held in a banquet room at a pup-type restaurant so the food was more super bowl-like -- still plentiful and still good. i hardly ate anything though, other than the salad and main course. i was too busy snapping pictures and laughing. my photo boards were a big hit! i managed to assemble a terrific montage of marianne through the years. there were over 100 pictures on the the boards and some of them were priceless! i have known marianne for over 32 years and one of our strongest bonds is our shared sense of humor and joie de vivre. it is the essence of who we are. there was some drama regarding how we were getting her there though. generally, mike (her husband) likes to eat dinner closer to 6:00 pm and not much later. he planned this party for guests at 8:00 pm which meant that they wouldn't arrive until closer to 8:30 pm. marianne would never believe michael would willingly wait that long for dinner!! it was a tangled web and she bought it hook, line and sinker, but we did laugh about how hungry mike must have been. her daughter concocted a story about another friend's family party that she needed to go to for awhile. she wouldn't get home until 7:30 or so and could they wait to go out to dinner until then. mare told her "i don't know, you better check with your father because you know how he is." well that was the hook, and the rest was history. she was completely surprised when she arrived and we had a great time!

ralph on the other hand had a very tough day. my brother had set up tee times for the boys during the shower. ralph was playing in my brother's foursome along with my nephew jason and his new son-in-law to be ed! ed is just learning golf and this was his first time on a course. he's bought clubs and has taken one lesson but that was about it. ed was paired with my brother and ralph was with my nephew -- a decent player but a hot shot at times. poor ralph was in for one heck of an afternoon.

on the 8th hole there was a water hazard and a sharp turn. my nephew who can drive like a maniac, took the turn too sharply and the cart skidded off the path and right into the water hazard. jason bailed out to one side, leaving ralph to bail out on the other -- right into the water hazard with the cart following him. thankfully he wasn't hurt too badly and the cart didn't flip over or land on him. it's also thankful that my brother doesn't own a gun or we would have had a case of fratricide on our hands. it's his country club and they don't take kindly to horsing around on the course or carts in water hazards!! thankfully, my brother was calm, jason was contrite, the cart never tipped, the golf clubs stayed dry and ralph's only scars were wet clothes and a bruised shin. they pulled the cart out of the water (about 16 inches) and played on. ralph drove the cart the rest of the round.

now on to the 16th hole. ed was in the fairway in front of the green and ralph was to his right in a sand trap about 60 yards away. ed hit first. he whiffed (missed) the ball a couple of times and finally got a piece of it on the third try. this time he connected hard! but instead of the ball going straight towards the green, he shanked the ball so hard it went straight to where ralph was standing. apparently the angle this ball took was beyond odd and no one expected it. ralph barely had time to react because he never imagined ed would hit the ball in his direction. it was a line drive heading right to ralph's face. ralph had just enough time to put his hand out. thankfully the ball nicked his fingers a bit so it slowed down the ball's velocity. But it still hit him square in the nose and almost knocked him out. all he remembers was his glasses flying and blood everywhere. he wound up with a nasty gash on his nose, which thankfully is not broken and two black and blue eyes. my sister (the doctor) thinks he could have used a stitch or two. but it stopped bleeding; he'll have a nice scar but other than that he is ok. he is so lucky it's not worse!!!! ed felt so badly!! he told ralph he wasn't going to play golf any more, but ralph assured him he was ok (and that perhaps ed should take a few more lessons!) i told ralph, after his fiasco on friday and now this, perhaps he is the one that should give up golf. he said perhaps he'll give up golf with ed and jason but that's as far as he will go. truthfully, that wonÂ’t happen either and i am just thankful that he is alright!

so that's the fun and the drama of our day! after everything, we're happy to be home today with absolutely nothing to do. ralph will not pick up a golf club today and i will not eat anything i shouldn't. all and all it will be a great sunday -- a perfect ending to a busy weekend. i hope you all have a great day too, but look out for errant golf balls. you never know when one might come your way.

the photos: above is a photo from the shower. my niece is in the middle and my sister is to the right. comment added after i read what gwen wrote below. i cropped this photo and it's hard to tell but my sister and i are sitting down while my niece is standing behind us. otherwise, she does look a lot taller than we are...way too funny. she would hate me for the way i cropped this photo...lol to the right of the page are two photos from marianne's party. one is just marianne with me and the other is ralph, marianne and me. have a wonderful day

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a decade ago

You had a busy weekend! --I laughed at the golfing story. Poor Ralph. Love all the pictures. :)

by BUN201



a decade ago

Hi Gracie,
How in the world did I miss your blog comment. It is a wonderful story. Ralph is done with accidents...it has been three. Besides who is superstitious? You and your family look beautiful..... and Friends no Marrianne is family too.:thumbu2:
:love: RONA

by RSW



a decade ago

Sounds like you had lots of fun. I wish my sister was closer so we could have fun more often. Glad you shared.




a decade ago

Hi Grace! :wave1: Wow - sounds like you guys had quite a time! Poor Ralph! What a trooper. I'm glad you had so much fun - great pictures! Welcome home. :) Leslie




a decade ago

:wave1: Hi ya Grace! Sounds like you had a ball! Nothing better for the soul than laughing.Poor Ralph. The price one pays for golf! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Missed you! :laugh5:




a decade ago

:hi: Those are beautiful pictures. You always looks so pretty and happy. Once again, Poor Ralph. I'm glad he's okay. It sure sounds like you had a great time, I'm glad to hear it. As for my tree, I tried talking to the neighbors yesterday when they came hurrying into the yard with others to look at the tree. It didn't help as nobody saw a thing. You know how it is. :) I hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing Sunday! :)




a decade ago

Poor Ralph!!! Glad he is ok...he has had a rough few days re: golf! Glad that the parties all went well. I know you'll be glad to get back into a routine. Enjoy your Sunday!




a decade ago

I did laugh reading your blog today poor Ralph he is having trouble at the golf course lately isn't he--hee ----but you have done a great job with your eating with all the things you have going one--have a great day my friend :)




a decade ago

Hi Grace,
Again, Poor Ralph! Glad your weekend was fun and exciting. Is your neice that much taller than you and your sister? She is beautiful and I love her dress. You and Marianne look great too! :)



a decade ago

:wave1: love the picture, GRace.




a decade ago

:wave1: Glad you had a good time and laughing your A$$ off burns calories..:laugh5: Have a very blessed Sunday.:)