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Tuesday, Aug 28 2007 - changes are good, but not always easy

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today is a dad day. i am bringing my dad to the casino for some much needed downtime. it's his only outlet for the stress he feels from being cooped up in the house with my mom every day. his eyes are getting worse and i feel like he is aging rapidly. granted he will be 86 and has lead a full and active life. but when i see him hunched over and walking on his now wobbly legs it makes me sad. i just hope these bi-weekly trips to the casino do him some good. he loves going and is so thrilled when i tell him i am "taking him to the doctor." (our code for going to the casino.) i just hope my mom stays quietly at home and doesn't give the homecare worker a hard time. the last time we did this she was ok, but you never know with the dementia.

i have been struggling to stay on point the past few days. being busy and not having time to work out is a good excuse, but it doesn't make me feel better about making bad choices. i am back to a pattern of doing everything for everyone else except me. now i am not going hog-wild, but i am certainly not helping my cause to lose 6.5 more pounds for my niece's wedding on October 5th. It's not too much and it's not extraordinary pressure. but i feel like i am not going to make it. focus grace, focus. :help:

this time of year always makes me think about changes. i think of the first of september as a new beginning. like a new year's eve, only there isn't a party. but there certainly is a resolve to do what i need to do to continue on my journey. i have to think about what i am going to do to rejuvenate myself, because i can't continue with little cheats every single day. it is so counter productive and can definitely make you feel like all your efforts are futile. somehow i must keep those feelings in check and remain motivated. i am having difficulty with that today. tomorrow will be a better day. a change is certainly in the air.

a ralph upday: both of his eyes turned black and blue. we expected that, but it does look worse than the pain he is actually feeling. we both know how lucky he is.

the photo: perhaps this will inspire me. it is another photo from my past. i was on my way to a wedding in 1981. i knew i looked nice, but of course i thought i was the "f" word. what a dope. i have to keep looking at these photos to remind myself that it is possible for me to weigh less. i did then, and i will again. i must. :bang:

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a decade ago

Put a nickel in a slot for me. Enjoy taking your dad to the Doctor.




a decade ago

Hmmm....now you know...it seems like someone has been posting on my blog that I need to make sure I am taking time to take care of myself. It was from a very wise friend. :queen: I wonder if I should copy and paste it here. ;)

Take time for you my friend...retreat from the world and get your focus. You know all of this. There are good weeks and bad weeks but you are doing this and will continue to do so I'm sure!!! You can't help but get healthier with us around!!




a decade ago

Make today a good one! Happy Wednesday!!!:hi:




a decade ago

Love the pic. I've said before, now that I know what it's really like to be overweight, I'd take the 140 lbs I was back then when I thought I was f**. :nono5:

Take a little time for you - you deserve it. :kiss:




a decade ago

I have photos like that too. I wonder now, what is/was wrong with me?????:nono4: I hope your day with your dad was nice.... :heart1: I know it means a lot to him, I am sure. :heart1: You are a sweet daughter. :kiss:

by BUN201



a decade ago

It IS possible for you to weight less and you WILL. :kiss: We both will. I look at pictures of me in the past also, and ask, WHY did I see fat person in the mirror? SIGH I think it is so awesome that you are taking dad out like that. I wish my father were still here. :kiss: Don't feel quilty about not taking time for you right now....just use what you have learned so far and eat healthy. Just because you could not log does not mean you are failing and a day or two off kilter will not destroy all you have done so far.




a decade ago

:wave1: Grace,
Hope you and your dad have a wonderful time at the casino. I love your picture. You look so pretty.:queen: Remember to take good care of yourself. :heart1:



a decade ago

:hi: I love the photo. You look beautiful as always. I hope you have a great time today at the casino with your Dad. :)




a decade ago

:wave1: I know you and your dad will have a wonderful day....He is so very lucky to have a great caring daughter like you...Have fun....:)




a decade ago

Grace have a great day with your dad enjoy your time with him. :)




a decade ago

:hi: Good Morning! Have a wonderful day with your Dad at the casino. Win and have a blast!:thumbu2: Tell Ralph that we hope he feels better very soon. Poor, Guy! I feel the same way about cheats or an increasing calorie count. My calories have been creeping up slowly but steadily the last few weeks.:bang: I am going to try to get back to basics and add more exercise again. :rock1: I also am going to get off the computer!:laugh5: Or in other words off my duff!:laugh5: Be kind to yourself. You are doing great!:kiss:




a decade ago

You look adorable and slim.
I wonder about the same thing. Why did you feel fat?
It doesn't matter now, because you know that your opinion is the only one that counts. Tell your Dad to take a turn on a machine for me...just whisper to the machine RONA. Maybe it will work.:teeth1::teeth1::teeth1::love:

by RSW