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Friday, Aug 31 2007 - my gain, my loss, my gain

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well it had to happen one day. for the first time since april 15th i showed a weight gain. i have stayed the same weight before, but not a weight gain. i don't have anyone to blame except myself. i didn't do everything right and i know it. all i can do is move on and learn from my mistakes. but it is not always that simple.

so what can i get out of this, besides a kick in the butt and i shouldn't have eaten the bag of sweet potato chips last night reprimand to myself? is my gain, my loss or is it in someway my gain? (grace, stop talking in riddles!) what i am trying to say is that in order for me to return to my successful strategies i can't look at this weight gain as a losing experience. i have to find something positive in the situation.

i thought about this for awhile this morning. suddenly it dawned on me that the positive I could find in the weight gain is just the fact that i am thinking about it so much!!! Thinking about a situation in greater depth usually reveals things to you that are often hidden in plain sight or taken for granted. for a few weeks i had become very complacent about all the little things i wasn't doing right. i had allowed one day of not drinking enough water turn into 4 and 5 days. I let skipping one work out slip to 4. the more i thought about this weight gain i realized i was lucky that it hadn't happened sooner and that it wasn't a lot more weight! gosh those are all good things!! i gained knowledge about myself that I didn't have before and identified very clear reasons why this happened. I would say it wasn't a bad week after all!! (That's a gain I can deal with!)

lessons to learn
around every corner
if we look for them
they are there
even in the darkest days
and the saddest moments
when we feel defeat
there is hope
and reasons to go on
and ways to pick ourselves up
and feel good
despite feeling so bad

the adage
make lemonade
out of lemons
reminds me
to look at a mistake
as an opportunity
to make changes
so the same thing
won't happen again
it tells me that
no matter how hard i stumble
there is always a way
to pick myself up

do i cry
when what is done
is done?
or do i rejoice
over what i know
i can do
and will do
to make things better
to walk the road
of conviction
with vim and vigor
and the belief
that i will succeed
despite my failures
yes, i will

we must learn,
that mistakes
are not permanent scars
they are lessons in disguise
and being human
does not mean perfection
but the savoring of beautiful flaws
which make us different and unique
and most of all
that being fragile
is not a weakness
but a vein of character
that ultimately
makes us stronger
i promise,
it truly does

is a day
of celebration
of victory
over mistakes
that dared to
take me down
but i didn't let them
won't let them
i gathered my strengths
and stood tall
on my defeats
and did what i
always knew
i would do
move on
smile through
and learn the lesson
that was there all along
my inspiration
to carry on

walking the walk
talking the talk
learning that my gain,
is not always my loss

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a decade ago

I joined the group! :y: I just haven't had time to hang out there yet. :( Thanks for the invite! I'll try to check it out on Sunday or Monday! :kiss:




a decade ago

Thanks, Grace, I needed that! The scale was up for me this a.m. I know some of it is fluid, but I know I have gotten complacent as well. I had some night time eating last week, and then yesterday I bought the boys goldfish and they were eating them in the car, and we were all hungry, and my hand just went back there:evil:, even though Josh was in charge of the bag,....:bang: Why do I think I can get away with that??? :help: One of my emails this morning said this: Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried
anything new.
::: Albert Einstein :::
And this new lifestyle of healthy eating is all new to me. I'm trying to look on the positive side. Starting today, I have a new resolve. Thank you for your inspiration today--let's resolve together and see what next week brings! :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago

Another positive ....you know exactly what you did and how it progressed to this point. Old habits die hard and creep in slowly to try and side-track us. You just took back control and they don't stand a chance. WTG!




a decade ago

:hi: Sorry to hear about the gain, but you will have a big lose next week. I just feel it. I love the way you turned it around into a positive experience. I will have to keep that in mind. Hope you are having a terrific day. :)




a decade ago

This is a lifestyle not a diet. :kiss: So there will be times that you may not lose or even gain. The best thing about this lifestyle change is that you catch it fast and not gain every week like before! You are aware and conscious of what you are doing! You are also only human! Maybe all the stress about finding a job and the summer coming to an end triggered a hunger that you could not satisfy :cross3: ? You are doing great! Just keep on going!:thumbu2:




a decade ago

This honesty is hard but also freeing. Thanks for being so supportive.




a decade ago

Grace you will have a better weigh in next week hang in there girl. Have a good day:)




a decade ago

:wave1: Next week will show a big loss....You are really doing very good. This is just a little bump in the road...the road to good health...Have a very good Friday...:)




a decade ago

Hi Grace,
Thanks for the inspiration. You have really given me something to think about. I find myself so busy since school has started I don't take the time to really think about my actions. This lifestyle change was easier this summer--but I can still do this.



a decade ago

Thank you Pumpkin head...:) :love::love:




a decade ago

Well said .Here ,Here.:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

by RSW