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Friday, August 24th 2007

my husband works nights and forgets that he is 55 years old every once in awhile. now i am not saying that he shouldn't be active, because he is. but sometimes you just have to know when to say no. because the yankees are on the west coast this week, the last edition of the ny post is not completed until almost 3:00 am . that means ralph doesn't get home until after 3:30 am. he winds down and comes to bed sometime after 4:00 am. the problem is he still wants to get up each morning and play ...

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dealing with stress

Thursday, August 23rd 2007

good afternoon lovely ladies,

last night i was so tired that i was actually in bed by 10:30 pm. for me, that might as well be 7:00 pm because i am such a night owl. i am not quite sure why, but it felt great to get a good long night's sleep. i woke up a couple of times for the usual bathroom breaks and woke up at 9:00 am feeling very refreshed. i'll have to try that more often.

ralph and i just returned from a leisurely lunch and now i am headed up to my office to start scanning ph...

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thank you

Wednesday, August 22nd 2007

good morning everyone!

being away for a few days has its advantages. besides getting in some much enjoyed rest and relaxation, i had a lot of fun with some old friends and was able to stay very much in line with my daily calories. that in itself made this trip even more worthwhile since it feels like another notch in the i can do this for a lifetime belt i would like to wear. i never felt deprived, i didn't feel self conscious about measuring or logging and it was easy to do. the one ...

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a saturday morning

Saturday, August 18th 2007

hello lovely ladies!

i am still feeling sort of euphoric and i intend to stay this way. i haven't gone outside yet, but apparently it is just gorgeous out. i want to eat breakfast, get dressed and go have my nails done before noon. then we have to leave for long island by 1:30 pm. my gf's parents car is in the shop and we have to pick them up. to make matters worse we have to pick up her nephew too. he had football practice and is home while his parents are away in ogunquit (i am jea...

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feeling groovy

Friday, August 17th 2007

thankfully all is right with the world today. my stress test was completed this morning and they only had to stick me 3 times to find a vein. that was a walk in the park compared to wednesday's fiasco! now i just have to wait for the results.

i have missed all my ck friends and the daily routine that i enjoyed for most of the summer; reading blogs, posting comments, writing my blog, reading some forums, getting to know everyone. i felt so off kilter this week. i have some downtime righ...

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