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good thoughts go far

Saturday, September 29th 2007

thank you all so very much for your kind words yesterday. i am doing fine. life is good and i know it. sometimes you just have to be blue. but your generous hearts were so appreciated and went a long way to lift my spirits.

ralph is away and i am alone this weekend. some friends of ours had invited us to go out to a winery on long island. i typically wouldn't go without ralph, but this time i decided it is the best thing for me to be out and about instead of inside and worrying about ...

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life is complicated even when it is simple

Friday, September 28th 2007

there are
so many
good things in the world
why do i focus
on the bad?
there are
so many
reasons for happiness
why am i feeling
so sad?

i am not in control
of everything
these days
my life complicated
by the simplest
of things
i don't feel confident
the way i should
the way i used to
when i woke up
every day
and there was reason
and potential
along the way

that's what i hear
when people speak
and tell me
about their l...

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as good as it gets

Thursday, September 27th 2007

it's hard to pinpoint where the time goes sometimes. i see i haven't blogged since saturday and honestly i didn't realize it had been that long. i have been doing well ck-wise -- not losing weight, but sticking with the program. emotionally, i have been up and down. actually, i just had a good cry and like the time passing quickly i couldn't even pinpoint one particular reason why. perhaps a culmination of things; not finding a job and having to worry about money; not losing weight as quickly...

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keeping the faith

Saturday, September 22nd 2007

as i sit and ponder
the extraordinary power
i have
to make a difference
in my life
i wonder
if i am capable
of seeing
this thing through

as i sit and debate
whether this all matters
and if being thin
is all
it's cracked up to be
i begin to doubt
if it's worth
all the trouble and effort
i am putting into this

as i think about
all the sacrifices
i have made
during the past 5 months
i kind of wish
i didn't have to do it
and sometimes

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our anniversary

Friday, September 21st 2007

5 years ago today
i married the love
of my life
this is a day
of hope
that i never gave up on
of dreams
that i always knew
would come true
of a romance
that happens
only in fairtales
of a love
that will never
fade away

this is a day
of patience
what seemed
a lifetime
of waiting
for special someone
now seems like a blur
as i try to remember
my life
this wonderful man
and sometimes
i just can't

he makes me happy
we a...

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