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Saturday, Sep 22 2007 - keeping the faith

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as i sit and ponder
the extraordinary power
i have
to make a difference
in my life
i wonder
if i am capable
of seeing
this thing through

as i sit and debate
whether this all matters
and if being thin
is all
it's cracked up to be
i begin to doubt
if it's worth
all the trouble and effort
i am putting into this

as i think about
all the sacrifices
i have made
during the past 5 months
i kind of wish
i didn't have to do it
and sometimes
i don't
have to do it anymore

but then i realize
the changes
i have felt
in my body
and my spirit
as i dropped
a few pounds
and began
to move more
it's amazing
how good i feel
and how healthy
makes a day
seem more productive
perhaps because it is
or at least i am
because i feel
like doing more
most days
than i have done in months

5 months ago
a staircase
seemed like a mountain
a walk
seemed like a climb
a chore
seemed like
an olympic sport
i was challenged
by the simplest
of daily activities
and didn't like it at all

5 months ago
i didn't think
the first step
was possible
i didn't think
losing weight
was in the cards for me
having tried
so many times before
i felt defeated
and didn't want to try
what was the use
was all i could think
and couldn't see a future
where i felt good
and energized
and capable of many things

ah, so sitting
and wondering is
this all worth it
i can honestly say
yes it is
in fact, i will shout it
from my front porch
as i tend to my flowers
and sing it through the
grocery store
as i pick up fresh produce
and healthy choices
to make it through
another week
of determination
and courage
to keep the journey
moving forward
taking each day
as a gift
giving each day
all i have
even when i don't
have that much to give

i will seek out momentum
and go with gusto
regardless of
the occasional doubts
that creep
into my thoughts
because i can't
and won't let them
change the course
i am on
no, that's
just not possible

as i sit and wonder
about the extraordinary power
i have to make a difference
in my life
i am certain i will take
every step i can
to get to where i am going
and prance proudly
to the victory circle
where all my sacrifices
will reap the final reward
and i smile
i never stopped believing
in me

i don't like to dance alone
please dance with me
victoriously, friends

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a decade ago

Ah Grace, we do have the power, and yes , sometimes it is so strong, and sometimes weak.....but Lord, I love this journey we are one one day at a time. Those changes you are talking about with your body.....they are so much more then just a number on the scale. They are the proof that you are on the right track. :kiss:




a decade ago

Dear Grace, the last two comments you have made on my blog have made me think about who I was doing this journey for and why I was doing it - thank you. . . . And well, after some deep thought, I realized that I wasn't doing this for the Real Me - I was doing it for an image of me and that image alone. So, now I am back and doing this for the Real Me and doing it because I want to show the Real Me love and care and respect :love:. . . . So, dear Grace, the party may be almost over by the time I am able to dance on the goal-dance floor, but sure enough, the day of my victory dance will come and it will be shared here! You are an amazing force for good and health here at CK, Grace :kiss:. . . . :heart2: Kristen :heart2:



a decade ago

Grace, I :love: you! I will dance with you, friend. I sooooo needed these words right now. I don't know how you do it, but you always lift me up! :kiss:




a decade ago

Very Very moving. Makes me want to go in the right direction.




a decade ago

Inspiring :love:




a decade ago

Grace, i so know about that ambivilance. But you are right - it is so worth it. I got some blood work back that I had done the week before for my cholesterol and triglycerides and they are all normal levels! That's not just appearance but what's going on internally in this new healthy lifestyle. When I think about just walking --- not everything else we do --- and how it improves your eye health -- not everything else it does -- Well, it's just the right thing to do. And yet, it's not so extreme that it's something that we couldn't live with (I'm thinking of the guy on B.I. with that awful macrobiotic diet!:barf3:). So, yes, you are definitely not alone in the dance! :kiss: After seeing those kids on the weekend, I'm re-thinking that if you ever do stay on the Island, outside of the main drag would be better - the Spring House, the Atlantic, or the Mannesis, if you're going for the weekend. BTW, the New London boat comes into Old Harbor too. I think it's just the Montauk, Long Island Ferry that comes into New Harbor. We could see Montauk one day when we were painting. I missed you guys and it's going to take me a while to catch up on blogs and what's going on here. Thank you for the beautiful poem and inspiration -- just what I needed -- for today. :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago

:hi: I will gladly dance with you in victory.:) Your blogs always move me in the right direction. I was just sitting here wondering if it was all worht it after the week I've had, but after reading this I know it is. Thank you so much for inspiring me to continue on this journey. Also for all the caring comments you leave on my blogs. I hope you are having a terrific day. :)




a decade ago


by RSW



a decade ago

As always, your poem is beautiful. I will dance with you. Thanks for your comment on my blog. By the way, I work for the oldest phone company that exists.




a decade ago

:wave1: I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday..The sun is shining here now. I wish it were raining...:)




a decade ago

Grace I will dance with you!!!:heart2: