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the truth we live with

Thursday, September 20th 2007

are easier
than others
not rocket science,
just a fact of life

we start every day
with high hopes
and anticipation
and expectation
that this day
will be a good day
full of happiness
and laughter
and love
nothing can
get in your way
no not today

but then
things happen
you run late
you feel stressed
by the things you do
and the things
you can't get to do
and the people
who stand in your way
because they
have their own worries

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c'est la vie

Monday, September 17th 2007

my parents 60th annversary dinner was a wonderful event for our family. there were moments of great laughter as we watched vintage films of my now 59 year old brother running scared from a deer at 4 years old. i had asked my aunt to bring the video of some of the old 8mm films we had from our childhood. one of my cousins had them converted to video back in the 80s. none of my nieces and nephews had ever seen these and as for me and my siblings, it had been at least 25 years since any of us loo...

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the peace of my quiet

Friday, September 14th 2007

i enjoy quiet times
being alone
with my thoughts
my plans
and my dreams

my mind wanders
to places i have been
and places i want to go
and i reflect upon
the person
i am leaving behind
as i journey to health
as i walk to fitness
as i change
so much of the person
i used to know

i think about
the pieces
i want to keep
the pieces of me
that aren't changing
and won't disappear
with the weight
i am tossing
to the street
where it belongs

i w...

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selfish is the new unselfish

Wednesday, September 12th 2007

just a quick blog to say hi! my parents anniversary dinner is sat. evening and since i am doing a lot of the cooking, i will be pretty busy for the next few days. i have shopping and errands to run and well you know how that goes.

i am feeling pretty confident about weight loss for this week. i am having a good week and hope i can stay focused while preparing all the food over the next few days. i am making a lot of healthy dishes so i am not worried about eating the wrong things. i am...

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Tuesday, September 11th 2007

most of us
we'll never forget
this day
that changed
the course of this country
this day
of 100,000 heros
those who needlessly died
and those who selflessly gave
their mercy
their energy
their health
to save a life
to comfort a stranger
to find hope
in the pile

a day when
time stood still
where the nightmare
became our reality
and amid the smoke
and rubble
we clung to ideals
they tried to take away
but we didn't let them
no, we ...

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