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the $450 bins!!!!

Tuesday, October 30th 2007

last thursday i stopped at target for a few things including some new storage bins that i needed to put away the deck decorations for the winter. of course i managed to buy several other things and had a cart full of shopping bags as i left my store. as i approached my car i noticed a large black car backing into the handicapped space next to me. the people in the car did not get out of the car and they didn't have a handicapped parking permit. i thought to myself now i have to deal with car...

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the incident

Sunday, October 28th 2007

making bad choices comes way too easily sometimes. i often wonder why that happens. i was going along yesterday minding my own business making good food decisions and then before you know it...all hell broke lose.

let's start with my afternoon. after considering my options i decided to go to the movies with my friend chris. we agreed to meet at the theatre at 4:30 pm for a 4:50 pm showing of the darjeeling limited. we would meet her husband chuck after for dinner at francesco's so i ate ...

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snails, turtles and bulls

Saturday, October 27th 2007

ralph and his buddies left a short while ago for the usf-uconn game today. it's supposed to be a rainy miserable day, but none of them cared as they drove off this morning. i could have been waving to a car full of 20 year olds overly pumped and completed excited about seeing their alma mater (usf) play an important game. currently they are ranked 11th in the country but this game is for solo ownership of first place in the big east conference. i'm laughing though because i am sure my 20 year...

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tomorrow always comes

Friday, October 26th 2007

tomorrow always comes
the day of reckoning
the day when
we have to start
what we've put off
when we have to do
what we should have done

is always no more
than 24 hours away
7 days a week
it's always there
at sunrise
beckoning us to
take charge
to do what we
mean to do
what we
plan to do
what we
must do
if not

i can make
a difference
i can take
of my destiny
i can m...

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Wednesday, October 24th 2007

on monday i lost my pedometer and more money than i planned to at the casino with my dad. i am not sure which i feel worse about. i can't replace the money but i can replace the pedometer. on the other hand i need the pedometer to keep me on pace with my 10,000 step program and i won't get the new one for several days...so my lesson learned is don't wear my pedometer at the casino. :laugh5:

i love to gamble. if i were less in control of this part of my life this could be a problem. but i on...

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