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Friday, Oct 19 2007 - a world without shame

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recently, there has been an incredible increase in hate crimes in the New York area. i can not tell you how sad this makes me. i want to believe that things are different today. i want to believe that parents who teach intolerance no longer exist. i want to believe that my generation, the baby boomers, really did change the world. i want to believe that we are leaving the generations to come a better place to live. i want to believe, but today i just can’t.

in this very time
and place
i can't believe
how people still hate
bigots and vandals
make their point
with symbols
of darkness
and evil
and it angers me
to the core
but most of all
it hurts
to know
this is still the world
we live in

a noose on a doorknob
a swastika on a grave
obscenities defame
the front door
of a sacred place
and we shake our head
and ask why
and wonder who
but we never find out
and we don't
really want to know
because it scares us
to know this kind
of hatred
still exists
oh how
does it still exist?

you've got
to be taught
to love and hate
those words
are more true now
than they were
60 years ago
written to make a point
when hatred
was passed on
without regret
without cause
how little has changed
how little has changed

at least for a miserable few
whose voices are loud
who hide in the shadows
because they know
they are ignorant
and their beliefs
will bring them down
one day
but for now
they show their
true colors
in black and white
under cover of night
cowards, more than anything

and than there are the
ann coulters of the world
who are glib with comments
meant to sell books
no matter who they hurt
appealing to the ignorant
spreading her poison
without a blink of an eye
shame on you
and all those
who give her voice
a platform

but that is the american way
and everyone is entitled
to a voice
a right
to speak their words
or otherwise
playing dominos
as one thought
leads to many words
that grow to evil acts
and so it goes

it doesn't take much
to ignite a spark
in someone raised in anger
exposed to mistrust
taught to believe
that different
is bad
and tolerance
is weakness
and lies
are truths
that's all they know

another beating
he is what he is
he's gay,
he's black,
he's jewish,
he's muslim,
he's not me
that's the reason
and we live
in fear
fueled by generalities
and paranoia
and indifference
to the value
of all lives
all lives

and so
i am sad
there is nothing
i can really do
to effect change
spread my peace
and share my words
and hope
that someday
we all rise up
and take a stand
against hatred
and evil
and call it out
of the darkness
into the sun
into the light
into a distant memory
and leave
our children's children
a world
without shame

i dream
this is possible
i pray
this can be
i hope
for all mankind
but for today
i cry

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a decade ago

:hi: That is sure the truth. When will people see that we are all the same under our skins? Thank you for sharing this. I hope you had a great day! :)




a decade ago

Well said, Grace. I just finished reading a book called "1000 White Women" by Jim Fergus. I don't know if you've read it, but it was very thought provoking for me, and sad. Your thoughts expressed were things I thought of while reading that book.

by BUN201



a decade ago





a decade ago

Have you ever been published? You express yourself well. :kiss:




a decade ago





a decade ago

:clap:It is admirable that you raise your voice about subjects that most people try to ignore :clap:

by RSW



a decade ago

Painful, and lovely, and wonderful, Grace. Thank you for sharing. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness - thank you for letting your light shine.

by REV



a decade ago

Truer words have never been said Grace.:heart2: Hope you are having a good day:)