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Monday, Oct 22 2007 - little white lies

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we tell ourselves
little white lies
to get out of a jam
a tiny jam
an appointment
we overlook
a gym class
we're just not
in the mood
a day at work
we just can't face

and so we
make up a story
95% true
and we cover
the truth
about why we
can't do
what we
planned to do
and we feel better
because no one
was hurt
and no one
know the truth
except you
and it's ok

but sometimes
it's not really ok
and people see
through the lie
and know you
would rather
be somewhere else
but they appreciate
your effort
to spare their feelings
and they don't let on
that they knew all along
the little white lie
wasn't so succsessful
and someone feels bad
because of you

i've been telling myself
a little white lie
every day
for 3 days
i've been busy
assuring myself
that the extra calorie
or 1000 calories a day
i've been eating
aren't hurting me
aren't slowing down
my weight loss efforts
and don't mean a thing
in the grand plan
of an extended lifestyle
of fitness and health
it doesn't mean
anything at all

who am i fooling?
this wise woman
woke up today
fully aware
of damage that
can be undone
but can't be forgotten
and shouldn't
because it's so easy
to make bad choices
one day after another
and convince ourselves
that it's ok

and sometimes
it is ok
as long as
the little white lie
doesn't snowball
into a truth
we live with everyday
completely out of control
not losing weight
fewer work outs
and so on and so forth
until we are so off track
we can't see the truth
through the haze
of terrible choices
that potentially
any progress
we make

little white lies
they are not
really so little
in the grand scheme
of things
they always
hurt someone
they always
come back to bite you
they never
erase the guilt
they live forever
what's done
is done
and can't be changed
and this time
the person crying is me

note: i am not sad. i am just using my lost weekend to make a point about how easy it is to go off track. i have done it before and i will do it again. i have no doubt about it. but as long as i don't try to convince myself with the little white lie that it is ok, then ultimately i WILL BE ok. and that's what matters the most. lesson learned!!!!!

well i am off for a casino day with my father. who knows maybe it will be another lucky day. although i can't guarantee a winning day $$$ wise, i know it will be a great day fitness wise and that is not a lie, little white or otherwise.

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a decade ago

I hope you had a great day with your dad. Grace we all mess up then try to right a bad day but you are doing a great job with your weight loss--hang in there girl.:heart2:




a decade ago

Grace, Grace, Grace! I think you have a spy cam on me! Every time I stop by to read your blog, you've written something that could've come from my heart had I been as gifted a writer as you. You are amazing! :kiss:




a decade ago

Hope your casino day goes well. Yes, we are all guilty of the lost weekends.... And you are right about the "little white lie" that it's okay. :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago

:) That's why I usually stick with the dirt track at the park, so much easier on the joints and shins! :thumbu2:




a decade ago

Hi Grace. Hope you are doing well. Miss ya:kiss:




a decade ago

So true!!! :)




a decade ago

Have a great day with your dad - wouldn't that be amazing to hit the jackpot again? Glad to know you're looking at the little white lies - They can snowball pretty easily!




a decade ago

You are voicing what we all feel and we have all done the exact same thing. So here is the voice of "Pick yourself up and get it in gear!" calling you and me both to get back on track. Let's go girl - we can do it and I know I really need to do it to lose another 30 pounds. Are you with me?




a decade ago

You realized what was happening:thumbu2:

by RSW



a decade ago

Just keep working at it. I know that you can do it.:thumbu2: We should not strive for perfection because that really does make us crazy. Sometimes you need to maintain for awhile. Regroup and start again. Try not to gain weight while you are going through your "little white lie" period. Eat everything intentionally and with thought. Remember to plan for those foods that you are craving. Eat less of them. Have a tablespoon rather than a portion. Make room for the special treats and do not have them everyday because that is a habit that you definitely want to break. That is the habit that got us here. :kiss: Have a wonderful week.:teeth1:




a decade ago

You are aware, and you do not hide from the truth, your truth. That's what matters. You're doing fine, sista! At times like these, look at the calories over a week instead of over a day or two and you can probably make it up. Now go out there and be good :)