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Saturday, Oct 27 2007 - snails, turtles and bulls

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ralph and his buddies left a short while ago for the usf-uconn game today. it's supposed to be a rainy miserable day, but none of them cared as they drove off this morning. i could have been waving to a car full of 20 year olds overly pumped and completed excited about seeing their alma mater (usf) play an important game. currently they are ranked 11th in the country but this game is for solo ownership of first place in the big east conference. i'm laughing though because i am sure my 20 year old will return tonight with his 55 year old body stiff and achy from sitting in the pouring rain all afternoon. i can see it already...:laugh5: but i don't mind. i know how much fun they will have despite the bad weather!

now i am left to my own devises to entertain myself today. so many choices! i could just stay home and cuddle up with a good book or watch a movie or two. it's that kind of day when going outside is the last thing you want to do. but then i could get dressed and head to a movie because there are finally a bunch of movies in the theatre worth seeing. my friend chris is always good for a movie. it would have to include dinner though because the boys won't be home from the game until past 9 so i am not counting on dinner with ralph. i'll let you know tomorrow what i decided to do.

with another 1/2 pound gone last week this snail is continuing her quest to become the longest running, slowest losing member of ck. :laugh5: granted i haven't been playing with my a-game for a week or two, so there are legitimate reasons why i am not losing weight at a quicker pace, perhaps say a turtle instead of a snail. i am not quite sure if a turtle is really faster than a snail, but it's bigger so one would assume it can cover more ground with every step. hmmmm...is that what you call the movement of a turtle? i am thinking it's more like a crawl, but i digress from the issue at hand. truthfully i will resort to any diversionary tactic not to talk about my weight loss these days. silence is my friend. :) so is laughter and peace of mind. i am enjoying a lot of those things this morning in my quiet kitchen, smiling and content as i write this meandering blog sans any words of wisdom because there just aren't any to be found on this rainy, humid (have i told you lately how much i hate humidity??) and i will now throw in lazy day.:yawn2:

my girlfriend laura was here this morning with her lovely young daughter rachel. they stayed for coffee and hot chocolate after dropping off her 50 something (behaving like a 20 year old too) husband (richard) and teenaged son (josh) to go to the game. richard had a roll of paper towels (i thought it was toilet paper at first) tucked under his arm; to wipe the seats down at the game he told me. i secretely chuckled thinking they were going to need more than a roll of paper towels to keep the seats dry with this weather forecast! a tent comes to mind or better yet, just stay home and watch the game on tv...lol anyway, back to laura and rachel. laura is such a nice person and her daughter (I think she's about 9 now) is just about the sweetest, well-mannered young lady i have ever met. when i asked laura if she wanted to stay for a cup of coffee, there was rachel nodding her head yes before laura had a chance to give her answer. i don't have a lot to offer in the category of kid's entertainment so her willingness to stay was amazing. but she is a cutie pie with an inquisitive mind who sipped her hot chocolate and participated in our adult conversation with complete ease and good manners. she asked thoughtful questions about a variety of topics from what the food scale was on my kitchen counter to what type of halloween candy would we be giving out this year (yes, she is still a kid)! when it was time to leave she asked if it was ok for her to put her cup in the dishwasher! i don't think a child has ever even brought their cup (or plate or whatever) to the sink let alone ask to put it in the dishwasher. she even rinsed it out first! i laughed and ask her if she could teach uncle ralph to do the same. it was a pleasant hour of girl talk to start the day.

well the rain continues and i am still not sure what i will do today. the only thing i am sure of is that i will eat good food choices for the day. what i do in between meals is yet to be determined. so until tomorrow, eat well, live well, laugh often and love much.... oh yes and go bulls!!!! my honey will be very sad if they lose today!

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a decade ago

Wow ... my 9 year old is a great kid and good with adults, but I haven't taught her to put dishes in the dishwasher. Uh oh. I am humbled by little Rachel today. She sounds delightful.




a decade ago

Well, How did Ralph appear when he got home last night? It is 11 AM are both of you still cuddled in bed. Have a great Sunday.:inlove1:

by RSW



a decade ago

I hope Ralph had a good time he's a keeper--:heart2: sounds like you had a good day too!:)




a decade ago

:hi: She sounds like a really sweet, polite girl. It sounds like you had a great morning. It's raining and cold here, too. I hope you are having a great evening. :)




a decade ago

:wave1: Half a pound down is great.:thumbu2:..I am always happy when that happens better than gaining...I have a feeling that my weigh in on Monday is not going to go well but I am not really worried about it........I hope that Ralphs team does better than our home town team did last night....Have a super Saturday and enjoy that rain....:)




a decade ago

Sounds like a sweet girl. Hope the "boys" don't get too wet & you enjoy your day of solitude. (You know what they say about the turtle & the hare...) =D