WILLLOSEIT's Nov 2007 CalorieKing Blog

where does the time go?

Friday, November 30th 2007

i only have time for a quick shout out to everyone. we are down in calabash, nc and i have limited access to the internet. they have a wireless connection down at the amenity center but i hate going there for too long. it's very quiet around here in the winter. i am using netzero right now, but i only pay for 10 hours a month. we aren't down here long enough to pay for anything more. still, 10 hours gets used up awfully quickly.

i have managed to stay focused on my diet about 50% of t...

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Alive and Kickin'

Monday, November 19th 2007

I am just checking in to say hello. I posted a version of this in the Century Club as well. I thought I should stop by and explain why I have been MIA for a few weeks. It's just really stuff, a case of the blahs, making a decision about my new career (yes, I am doing it), preparing for the holiday, packing for our trip to North Carolina and well like all of you, just plain busy. Of course, my weight loss plan has gone awry and like Melinda I have lost my mojo. I am hoping to get it back tomorro...

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that's just the way it is

Tuesday, November 13th 2007

there is a haze
all around
and i can't see
where i am going
right now
it's a big cloud
the kind you
can't wish away

love and hate
the holidays
good and bad
come flooding back
every year
bringing the clouds
bringing the fear
that this christmas
won't be currier and ives
but none of them ever are
and so i get sad

i've been distracted
a new job
phone calls
all take me out of my groove
with a blink ...

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this and that

Thursday, November 8th 2007

trying to be all things to all people is a difficult thing to do. i have mastered the art of dancing on the head of the pin, but that doesn't mean i get everything done everyday. one thing that i had to do was reduce my time on calorieking and that included taking the time to write a blog every day or at least a meaningful one. i just can't seem to find the time these days. not that i am falling off the wagon regarding my regimen. i am still logging all my calories and working out as much as...

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the holiday season

Monday, November 5th 2007

my house
is a mess
filled with boxes
of clothes
in all different sizes
some to wear
some to give away
too big
too small
too many
i just have
to let go
today i start

i don't know why
i hold on to
so many clothes
every closet
the attic
upon boxes
filled with surprises
i bought that?
i don't even remember
it went right into a bin
from the moment
i brought it home
bought on impulse
without trying it on
knowing it wouldn't fit

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