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Thursday, Nov 8 2007 - this and that

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trying to be all things to all people is a difficult thing to do. i have mastered the art of dancing on the head of the pin, but that doesn't mean i get everything done everyday. one thing that i had to do was reduce my time on calorieking and that included taking the time to write a blog every day or at least a meaningful one. i just can't seem to find the time these days. not that i am falling off the wagon regarding my regimen. i am still logging all my calories and working out as much as possible. i refuse to let anything get in the way of staying in my weight loss groove.

so far i am on target for a good week despite some new stress in my life, most of which is my own making. apparently transition is hazardous to my health or in this case my shoulder. i have a gnawing pain that won't go away. cooincidently it began when one of ralph's friends asked to use our house as a flop house for thanksgiving and ralph said yes. did i tell you that ralph never says no to anyone? you might call him something else if he were a woman, but that's a tale for another day :) but back to thanksgiving and his annoying friend (who comes with a husband and a 3 year old). they are too cheap to stay in a hotel when they come to New York which is more frequently these days. what irks me the most is that they don't come here to see us. they come here to shower, sleep and check their social calendar which typcially doesn't include us. of course this time they gave us 2 weeks notice instead of the usal few days. i guess there is some consideration in that given that it is thanksgiving and the last thing i need or want in my home are guests to take care of. i sound like the turkey goblin but it just makes me mad! i do not mind the occasional visit and i do (for the most part) like these folks. but apparently i am the only one who sees anything wrong with (or feels badly) that they are only here because they have other social obligations that don't include us. perhaps they did feel a tad guilty this year, because they did ask to take us out to dinner. but that invitation was if they came down on tuesday instead of wednesday (thankfully ralph had enough sense to give them a great big no way on that one).

let my volcanic brain rumble on a bit more. you see these folks know ralph works nights. these folks know he would have to use a vacation day in order to take them up on their oh so kind (selfish) invitation. of course weds. night and a dinner invitation is out of the question because i am sure they are going into the city to watch the balloons get blown up for the parade. not to mention that i will be preparing a thanksgiving dinner for 15 that needs to be transported to my parents house on thursday morning. so net, net we won't get a dinner and we won't even get a thank you note because that has been their m.o. forever and a day. but my ralph, he doesn't care. he loves ann. she is more like a sister to him that his own sister. and no matter what she does, he will never see anything wrong with it. so i am stuck being the good wife and bearing the pain in my shoulder from the tiny bit of anger and stress i have brewing inside me. oh it feels better now that i have shared this with you all. :laugh5:

on the job front, i have decided to pursue the opportunity with new york life and become an insurance agent. they are a reputable organization, one that has been on my radar since i began looking for a new career. i had an excellent meeting with the managing director of the westchester office. the whole experience and atmosphere was not at all what i expected. but this type of work is totally out of my comfort zone too. but it gives me flexibilty with my hours and schedule, the office is 20 minutes away and the earnings potential is only limited by the effort i put into the job. i still am not 100% sure this is right for me, but i decided to give it 1 year and see how it goes. they say the only failure is the failure to try. so since i don't like to fail, i am going to give this all i have and see where it leads. this is a huge leap of faith for me, but i am excited about the prospects. of course i am nervous too. i am sure i can thank my inner qualms about making this move for some of this shoulder pain. gosh where is that crystal ball when i need it. i'll just have to put on my thomas the tank "think i can hat" and get to it. so wish me luck and here i go off on a new adventure.

the situation with my "you dinged my door in the target parking lot" nemisis escalated to a problem when he didn't like the $450 estimate he received from the auto body shop that he selected. he decided to bring the car to another auto body shop and get a new estimate of $650, $200 more than the first estimate! thankfully i had already called geico and filed a claim before this second estimate came in. Apparently this guy doesn't even own the car! the actual owner already had an appointment set up with a geico claim adjuster. something was not right about the whole thing. the geico agent told me not to take any more of this guy's calls and simply refer him back to them if he called again. I haven't heard anything from anyone since last friday. hopefully that's a good thing!

i used my crock pot for the first time this week. i have had it for years but never used it. i like the convenience and so far everything i made came out great. i have a couple slow cooker cookbooks and found a few other recipes i would like to try. it's a healthy way to cook and i haven't tried it!

i took my dad to the casino on tuesday we both lost but we had fun. we're going to cut back a bit. we'll see what happens with new york life and my schedule to determine how often we'll be able to go in 2008. i want to get him there because he comes to life when he is there.

ok that's it for now. i will try to read a few blogs later tonight. meanwhile, i am thinking of you all and hope everyone is happy, healthy and doing well. have a great night.

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a decade ago

Hi Grace, I haven't been around much and am trying to catch up with my friends. Sounds like you life is as hectic as ever! I hope your shoulder is feeling better by now. Sounds like you are overdue for a massage my friend!

I kind of can't believe the nerve of your friends but it sounds like your sweet Ralph would never lead them to believe that there was anything wrong with it. Does he have any clue how you feel about it? At least they will be out of your hair. I hate cheap people.

Congrats on the job front...sounds like a new adventure. I have no doubt that you will be up to the challenge. Whether or not you will like it is another story but I have no doubt you will give it 110%.

I miss being in touch with you more. I am going to try to come around more often!




a decade ago

:kiss: Hope your shoulder is better!

by BUN201



a decade ago

Hi Grace! I know how you feel about the freeloaders - I've got a brother, sister-in-law and their 5 adoptive kids that like to do that! We just told them we weren't comfortable with all the kids sleeping on the floor wherever they could and that was that! Not easy to do but sometimes you have to do that for your own sanity. :cross2:

Good job on keeping up the logging and exercise. And I highly recommend "Fix and Forget It Lightly" as well - I have two crock pots!! :$

Good luck on the new job - I know you'll do well and be sure and take care of that shoulder and see a doc if anything gets any worse. :bye:


by MJJ79



a decade ago

Hi, stranger! Sounds like you've been busy. :cross3:Sorry about your Thanksgiving tenants.:cross3: Good call on the Geico bit. I need to get the crockpot out & go get a copy of that cookbook everyone keeps talking about (Do you already have a copy of it in your collection?) Try to remember to make some Grace time throughout the holidays - something I sometimes forget. :kiss:




a decade ago

Kindness can kick you right where it hurts...with you it is your shoulder. This has me a little worried. Shoulder pain.......... back pain, jaw pain...see someone (Dr.) if it does not subside soon...............Where is "Miss Manners" when you need her. Sometimes you have to open your :barf3:<<<< mouth and say I am not up to this visit, members of my family are ill, I am starting a new job and I have to cook the Holiday Dinner and I am not feeeeling well.:angry2: I wish you luck...we have all had to make a stand. Be well.:inlove1:

by RSW



a decade ago

Glad you are OK but sorry to hear about your shoulder. I know you're a great hostess and homemaker but I would not cater to these people one iota! Fresh sheets/towels is all they should get. Especially before such a big holiday. No special meals, etc.... Pretend they are not even there. Don't re-arrange your schedule for them. Maybe they will get the hint. Good luck. Sue




a decade ago

Grace hope your shoulder pain gets better. I love my crock pot too and I have the cookbook Bunny is talking about and it's awesome. That lady sounds like a pain in the A$$.:) Have a great weekend!:heart2:




a decade ago





a decade ago

:hi: Grace...I'm just checking in...I spent the day downloading digital pictures onto a frame I bought my son-in-law for his birthday, which is tomorrow, so I've been in front of the computer all day, just not on CK. I'll tell you, my neck is bothering me! :laugh5: Your visitors....I remember you talking about them before...sound very nervy. I would never ever dream of being so rude as to use someone's home for a "hotel", which is what they're doing. :angry2: That's worse than annoying. Your new job sounds interesting, and I'm sure you will do great. As far as the "ding" and the dingbat, I am so glad you filed a claim. Smelled fishy! :barf3: I love my crockpot. Do you have "Fix it and Forget it Lightly"? ---it's the best $7 I ever spent. :) Hope you have a great evening. :love:

by BUN201



a decade ago

:hi: Sorry to hear about the added company over Thanksgiving! I know you will do great at your new job. :) I love my crock pot. Put the meal in it walk away and come back when it's done. :D I hope your shoulder pain goes away soon. Take it easy. :love: Patti