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Monday, Dec 3 2007 - there is something about mondays

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i often wonder how many key goals, promises and new beginnings occur on a monday. what most people could easily start or do on any other day of the week is often put off until a monday because it just seems like the right day to start. it does have the distinction of being the beginning of the week, but technically it's not. most calendars start the week on a sunday. however, i always thought "on the seventh day he rested" was why sunday was reserved for church and prayers and relaxation. that makes sunday the seventh day, monday the first day and all the calendars wrong. but then again the sabbath is a saturday in judaism (and most non-christian religions) which would make sunday the first day of the week, monday the second day of the week and no need to reprint our calendars.

why am i off on such a ridiculous tangent? because no matter what day of the week today officially is, it is my chance for a new beginning. it is the day i have chosen to start anew and get back on track with my weight loss goals. i haven't honestly logged in almost a month and i haven't weighed in since november 17th. it's the longest break i have had since this journey began. i am not happy about that. i gained 3 pounds since the last weigh-in and lost a lot of my confidence that i will be successful this time. i don't know what happened really. it just all started to get to be too much and well, i just let go.

i can pinpoint one of the triggers and it seems so trite and petty when i think about it. marianne, michael and elisabeth decided to try nutri-system towards the end of october. i was hurt that they never even considered calorieking as an option. i was annoyed that they took the easy road. as often as i have spoken the words "all diets work, you just have to be in the right frame of mind to start" i have come to believe that those words are not true. all diets work for the short term. it's the commitment and permanent lifestyle changes that make the difference in the long term. so of course, they all start to lose a ton of weight right from the start and i continue to struggle to lose a 1/2 pound a week.

i know, i know it shouldn't matter what anyone else is doing. i know i shouldn't compare and i know i am (was) making the healthier changes to my lifestyle. but i just couldn't help it. i was jealous. you combine that with my frustrations at not losing weight faster and well the next thing you know...i was not logging (or at least not logging honestly), i stop working out, i stop signing on to calorieking every day and of course i gain weight. being on vacation and completely out of my routine made it even worse. i didn't go completely hog wild, i just went wild. the difference is instead of having real ice cream every night, i had it 3 times (in 10 days). Instead of eating out every night, I cooked 6 nights and we ate out 4. i cooked great healthy meals at home. there was nothing healthy about the meals we ate out. can you say bread baskets and wine 3 times fast? I worked out several times, but nothing extraordinary. i just didn't have the fire anymore.

so today is monday, december 3, 2007. and it's my day to start again. i faced the music and weighed-in (not as bad as it could have been) and i began logging again. there will be some changes though. i can't spend so much time on line and i can't watch as much TV as i do. i must concentrate on starting my new career along with continuing to focus on my weight loss goals. i will continue to blog every day even if it's just a paragraph or two. i will try to read and comment on all of your wonderful blogs, but i just don't know if i can do it every day. i understand everyone is busy especially this time of year. so if you don't have time for my blog that's ok too. this is life... this is ok.

so that's my story. and here i am. not quite standing tall again but at least i am on my feet. and that's good enough for me. take care everyone....


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a decade ago

Welcome back Gracie...both literally and mentally! It sounds like you have your spark back or are at least working on it. I think I do too so I am glad that we are back in this together. Take care of you. As someone said, it is a constant challenge to find the balance. When do you start your new job?




a decade ago

Good luck with the new job. Do whatever is good for you. My SIL went on a strange soup diet and lost tons of weight in two months. She has put all of it back on plus more. It came off too fast.

by RSW



a decade ago

:hi: I'm so glad to see you back, I missed you. We all back slide for one reason or another. It's okay. Just need to pick yourself up brush yourself off and start again. I know you can do it. Good lucjk with the new job, I know you will have great success. Hope you had a good day. :love: Patti




a decade ago

:hi: Grace, Please remember that this is a JOURNEY, a long journey, and sometimes we will stumble; but when we learn about ourselves from the stumble (or face-smashing fall!), then that is what makes this a journey with lasting impact upon our lives, lifestyles, selves, and self-images. . . . All you can do is what is best for YOU: This is YOUR journey, even though it is shared, it is all about you and your life!!! Take care of Grace and do what shows yourself that you love you and that you are worth your efforts :love:! Be well, Kristen :heart2:



a decade ago

Grace we all back slide once in a while ---you have worked really hard to get where you are don't be so hard on yourself--nice to see you back on CK. I start training on my new job after Christmas and I won't be here near as much--maybe in the evenings. Hope you are having a good evening!:heart2:




a decade ago

So good to hear from you Grace. It's a struggle for the right balance on CK and life. And of course it is a lifestyle change that we are aiming for...shooting stars burn out rapidly! None of us have it perfected yet, either. Something I learned from my grandson: sometimes we need a brand new start in the middle of the day, too, never mind with each beginning new day, or week... My best wishes for you on your new job, Grace. :)

by BUN201